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  1. Photo of Raúl Ruiz

    Raúl Ruiz Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Pierre Klossowski

    Pierre Klossowski Screenplay

  3. Photo of Didier Flamand

    Didier Flamand Cast

  4. Photo of Gabriel Gascon

    Gabriel Gascon Cast

  5. Photo of Pascal Bonitzer

    Pascal Bonitzer Cast

  6. Photo of Maurice Bénichou

    Maurice Bénichou Cast

  7. Photo of Pascal Kané

    Pascal Kané Cast

  8. Photo of Alexandre Tamar

    Alexandre Tamar Cast

  9. Photo of Jean Badin

    Jean Badin Cast

  10. Photo of Françoise Vercruyssen

    Françoise Vercruyssen Cast

  11. Photo of Édith Scob

    Édith Scob Cast

  12. Photo of Frédérique Meininger

    Frédérique Meininger Cast

  13. Photo of François Simon

    François Simon Cast

  14. Photo of Daniel Gélin

    Daniel Gélin Cast

  15. Photo of Jean Rougeul

    Jean Rougeul Cast

  16. Photo of Sylvie Herbert

    Sylvie Herbert Cast

  17. Photo of Geneviève Mnich

    Geneviève Mnich Cast

  18. Photo of Sacha Vierny

    Sacha Vierny Cinematography

  19. Photo of Maurice Perrimond

    Maurice Perrimond Cinematography

  20. Photo of Jorge Arriagada

    Jorge Arriagada Music

  21. Photo of Bruno Beaugé

    Bruno Beaugé Production Design

  22. Photo of Jean Baronnet

    Jean Baronnet Producer

  23. Photo of Jean Lefaux

    Jean Lefaux Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Jean-Roger Sahunet

    Jean-Roger Sahunet Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Valeria Sarmiento

    Valeria Sarmiento Editing

  26. Photo of Jean-Claude Brisson

    Jean-Claude Brisson Sound

  27. Photo of Xavier Vauthrin

    Xavier Vauthrin Sound