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  1. Photo of Romolo Guerrieri

    Romolo Guerrieri Director

  2. Photo of Ernesto Gastaldi

    Ernesto Gastaldi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Carroll Baker

    Carroll Baker Cast

  4. Photo of Jean Sorel

    Jean Sorel Cast

  5. Photo of Ida Galli

    Ida Galli Cast

  6. Photo of Luigi Pistilli

    Luigi Pistilli Cast

  7. Photo of Michel Bardinet

    Michel Bardinet Cast

  8. Photo of George Hilton

    George Hilton Cast

  9. Photo of Valentino Macchi

    Valentino Macchi Cast

  10. Photo of Mirella Pamphili

    Mirella Pamphili Cast

  11. Photo of Domenico Ravenna

    Domenico Ravenna Cast

  12. Photo of Renato Montalbano

    Renato Montalbano Cast

  13. Photo of Silvio Klein

    Silvio Klein Cast

  14. Photo of Marcello Masciocchi

    Marcello Masciocchi Cinematography

  15. Photo of Nora Orlandi

    Nora Orlandi Music

  16. Photo of Amedeo Fago

    Amedeo Fago Production Design

  17. Photo of Tony Garnett

    Tony Garnett Producer

  18. Photo of Mino Loy

    Mino Loy Producer

  19. Photo of Luciano Martino

    Luciano Martino Producer and Screenplay

  20. Photo of Eugenio Alabiso

    Eugenio Alabiso Editing

  21. Photo of Bruno Moreal

    Bruno Moreal Sound

  22. Photo of Bruno Zanoli

    Bruno Zanoli Sound