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  1. Photo of Albert Pyun

    Albert Pyun Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Robert S. Bremson

    Robert S. Bremson Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Brandon Chase

    Brandon Chase Producer

  4. Photo of Marianne Chase

    Marianne Chase Producer

  5. Photo of Mark L. Rosen

    Mark L. Rosen Producer

  6. Photo of Tom Karnowski

    Tom Karnowski Screenplay

  7. Photo of John V. Stuckmeyer

    John V. Stuckmeyer Screenplay

  8. Photo of Joseph Mangine

    Joseph Mangine Cinematography

  9. Photo of Lee Horsley

    Lee Horsley Cast

  10. Photo of Kathleen Beller

    Kathleen Beller Cast

  11. Photo of Simon MacCorkindale

    Simon MacCorkindale Cast

  12. Photo of George Maharis

    George Maharis Cast

  13. Photo of Richard Lynch

    Richard Lynch Cast

  14. Photo of Richard Moll

    Richard Moll Cast

  15. Photo of Anthony De Longis

    Anthony De Longis Cast

  16. Photo of Robert Tessier

    Robert Tessier Cast

  17. Photo of Nina Van Pallandt

    Nina Van Pallandt Cast

  18. Photo of Anna Bjorn

    Anna Bjorn Cast

  19. Photo of Jeff Corey

    Jeff Corey Cast

  20. Photo of Joseph Ruskin

    Joseph Ruskin Cast

  21. Photo of Joe Regalbuto

    Joe Regalbuto Cast

  22. Photo of James Jarnigan

    James Jarnigan Cast

  23. Photo of Marshall Harvey

    Marshall Harvey Editing

  24. Photo of George Costello

    George Costello Production Design

  25. Photo of David Whitaker

    David Whitaker Music

  26. Photo of Sandy Berman

    Sandy Berman Sound

  27. Photo of Christine Boyar

    Christine Boyar Costume Design

  28. Photo of Russ Marin

    Russ Marin Cast

  29. Photo of Earl Maynard

    Earl Maynard Cast

  30. Photo of George Murdock

    George Murdock Cast

  31. Photo of Emily Yancy

    Emily Yancy Cast

  32. Photo of Christopher Cary

    Christopher Cary Cast

  33. Photo of Peter Breck

    Peter Breck Cast

  34. Photo of Alan Caillou

    Alan Caillou Cast

  35. Photo of Jay Robinson

    Jay Robinson Cast

  36. Photo of Erik Cord

    Erik Cord Cast

  37. Photo of Greg Finley

    Greg Finley Cast