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  1. Photo of Marc Bauder

    Marc Bauder Director

  2. Photo of Dörte Franke

    Dörte Franke Screenplay

  3. Photo of Khyana El Bitar

    Khyana El Bitar Screenplay

  4. Photo of Manuel Bickenbach

    Manuel Bickenbach Producer

  5. Photo of Alexander Bickenback

    Alexander Bickenback Producer

  6. Photo of Valeska Bochow

    Valeska Bochow Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Paul Lemp

    Paul Lemp Music

  8. Photo of Daniela Knapp

    Daniela Knapp Cinematography

  9. Photo of Gergana Voigt

    Gergana Voigt Editing

  10. Photo of Petra Albert

    Petra Albert Production Design

  11. Photo of Lars Ginzel

    Lars Ginzel Sound

  12. Photo of Jacob Matschenz

    Jacob Matschenz Cast

  13. Photo of Bernhard Schütz

    Bernhard Schütz Cast

  14. Photo of Jenny Schily

    Jenny Schily Cast

  15. Photo of Heinz Hoenig

    Heinz Hoenig Cast

  16. Photo of Florian Renner

    Florian Renner Cast

  17. Photo of Jürgen Holtz

    Jürgen Holtz Cast

  18. Photo of Franziska Wulf

    Franziska Wulf Cast