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  1. Photo of Michael Powell

    Michael Powell Director, Screenplay, and Producer

  2. Photo of Dennis Arundell

    Dennis Arundell Author

  3. Photo of Jules Barbier

    Jules Barbier Author

  4. Photo of Robert Rounseville

    Robert Rounseville Cast

  5. Photo of Moira Shearer

    Moira Shearer Cast

  6. Photo of Pamela Brown

    Pamela Brown Cast

  7. Photo of Edmond Audran

    Edmond Audran Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Helpmann

    Robert Helpmann Cast

  9. Photo of Meinhart Maur

    Meinhart Maur Cast

  10. Photo of Frederick Ashton

    Frederick Ashton Cast

  11. Photo of Philip Leaver

    Philip Leaver Cast

  12. Photo of John Ford

    John Ford Cast

  13. Photo of Leonide Massine

    Leonide Massine Cast

  14. Photo of Alan Carter

    Alan Carter Cast

  15. Photo of Ludmilla Tcherina

    Ludmilla Tcherina Cast

  16. Photo of Lionel Harris

    Lionel Harris Cast

  17. Photo of Ann Ayars

    Ann Ayars Cast

  18. Photo of Mogens Wieth

    Mogens Wieth Cast

  19. Photo of Christopher Challis

    Christopher Challis Cinematography

  20. Photo of Jacques Offenbach

    Jacques Offenbach Music

  21. Photo of Hein Heckroth

    Hein Heckroth Production Design

  22. Photo of Emeric Pressburger

    Emeric Pressburger Producer, Screenplay, and Director

  23. Photo of Reginald Mills

    Reginald Mills Editing

  24. Photo of John Cox

    John Cox Sound

  25. Photo of Ted Drake

    Ted Drake Sound