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  1. Photo of Kuei Chih-Hung

    Kuei Chih-Hung Director

  2. Photo of On Sze-To

    On Sze-To Screenplay

  3. Photo of Chiang Chih-nan

    Chiang Chih-nan Screenplay

  4. Photo of On Szeto

    On Szeto Screenplay

  5. Photo of Chen Kuan Tai

    Chen Kuan Tai Cast

  6. Photo of Yu Wong

    Yu Wong Cast

  7. Photo of Yeung Chi-Hing

    Yeung Chi-Hing Cast

  8. Photo of Gong Ching

    Gong Ching Cast

  9. Photo of Wu Chi Liu

    Wu Chi Liu Cast

  10. Photo of Lin Tung

    Lin Tung Cast

  11. Photo of Huang Chien-Lung

    Huang Chien-Lung Cast

  12. Photo of Feng Lin

    Feng Lin Cast

  13. Photo of Yang Chih-Ching

    Yang Chih-Ching Cast

  14. Photo of Shen Chan

    Shen Chan Cast

  15. Photo of Li Peng-fei

    Li Peng-fei Cast

  16. Photo of Ha Ping

    Ha Ping Cast

  17. Photo of Chiang Yang

    Chiang Yang Cast

  18. Photo of Chi Yu

    Chi Yu Cinematography

  19. Photo of Lin Mao-lung

    Lin Mao-lung Production Design

  20. Photo of Runme Shaw

    Runme Shaw Producer

  21. Photo of Shao Hsi Chang

    Shao Hsi Chang Editing

  22. Photo of Chiang Hsing-lung

    Chiang Hsing-lung Editing