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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Kamran's rating of the film The Ten

    Begins strong with some really humorous on the nose comedy. but the shtick wears thin as it carries on for 90 minutes. 65/100 - Decent (2.5)

  2. Emily O's rating of the film The Ten

  3. Madeleine Davis's rating of the film The Ten

    why do I keep doing this to myself

  4. dschank's rating of the film The Ten

    hit or miss. the animated segment is pretty hilarious.

  5. Eleanor Abernathy's rating of the film The Ten

    there was some really funny parts and just some really awkward's an overall odd film.

  6. McSmith's rating of the film The Ten

    I really don't understand all the hate - Wain and Marino have taken possibly the most-shared stories of all time (the Ten Commandments), and have somehow found new, creative ways to tell them. It's a funny, goofy film with silly running gags, and Wain really has succeeded at transforming the tritest of texts into a surprising comedy as hilarious as anything else he's done.

  7. John Sandwich's rating of the film The Ten

    This is very underrated and has great rewatch value. When it's funny, which it frequently is in my opinion, it's very funny.

  8. FailedImitator's rating of the film The Ten

    One star for the one segment that was actually funny. Everything else was shit. Rubbish. Absolutely terrible.

  9. filmcapsule's rating of the film The Ten

    A huge misfire. I heard they spent only a week on the screenplay, and it shows. You don't need a big budget, but some more thought would have helped. I did like the prison setting for the "covet thy neighbor's wife" segment, but there aren't enough clever setups to go around here. Omnibus films rarely coalesce, and this one doesn't either. The Rudd sequences don't add anything and each segment hammers only one joke.

  10. Arisa's rating of the film The Ten

  11. your fiend mr. jones's rating of the film The Ten

    This film is the one David Wain film that is the most consistent for me. It could have been merely a funny sketch movie, but the links of Paul Rudd's introductions, along with how the sketches reference each other and weave recurring characters in and out, make it a film that works a hell of a lot better than Monty Python's "The Meaning Of Life". Yeah, I said it.

  12. Conor's rating of the film The Ten

    AWFUL. It's crushing to see such a great cast go to absolute waste. It's also crushing to see nearly every single joke in the first 3/4 of the film fail miserably. WHY WAS THIS MADE? WHY???