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  1. Photo of Leopoldo Torre Nilsson

    Leopoldo Torre Nilsson Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Juan Sires

    Juan Sires Producer, Editing

  3. Photo of Germán Szulem

    Germán Szulem Producer

  4. Photo of Ricardo Becher

    Ricardo Becher Screenplay

  5. Photo of Beatriz Guido

    Beatriz Guido Screenplay

  6. Photo of Ricardo Luna

    Ricardo Luna Screenplay

  7. Photo of Ignacio Souto

    Ignacio Souto Cinematography

  8. Photo of Graciela Borges

    Graciela Borges Cast

  9. Photo of Leonardo Favio

    Leonardo Favio Cast

  10. Photo of Marcela López Rey

    Marcela López Rey Cast

  11. Photo of Héctor Pellegrini

    Héctor Pellegrini Cast

  12. Photo of Dora Baret

    Dora Baret Cast

  13. Photo of Norberto Suárez

    Norberto Suárez Cast

  14. Photo of Enrique Liporace

    Enrique Liporace Cast

  15. Photo of Luis Walmo

    Luis Walmo Cast

  16. Photo of Mirtha Dabner

    Mirtha Dabner Cast

  17. Photo of Óscar Caballero

    Óscar Caballero Cast

  18. Photo of Belita

    Belita Cast

  19. Photo of Bernardo Kullock

    Bernardo Kullock Cast

  20. Photo of Fernando Vegal

    Fernando Vegal Cast

  21. Photo of Maria Esther Duckse

    Maria Esther Duckse Cast

  22. Photo of Alfredo Tobares

    Alfredo Tobares Cast

  23. Photo of Sergio Corona

    Sergio Corona Cast

  24. Photo of Susana Brunetti

    Susana Brunetti Cast

  25. Photo of Félix Robles

    Félix Robles Cast

  26. Photo of Pedro Laxalt

    Pedro Laxalt Cast

  27. Photo of Jacinto Cascales

    Jacinto Cascales Editing

  28. Photo of Óscar Lagomarsino

    Óscar Lagomarsino Production Design

  29. Photo of Jorge López Ruiz

    Jorge López Ruiz Music

  30. Photo of Mario Fezia

    Mario Fezia Sound