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  1. Photo of Jean Boyer

    Jean Boyer Director

  2. Photo of René Barjavel

    René Barjavel Screenplay

  3. Photo of Raymond Castans

    Raymond Castans Screenplay

  4. Photo of Guy de Maupassant

    Guy de Maupassant Screenplay

  5. Photo of Noël-Noël

    Noël-Noël Cast

  6. Photo of Jacqueline Gauthier

    Jacqueline Gauthier Cast

  7. Photo of Yves Robert

    Yves Robert Cast

  8. Photo of Jacqueline Pagnol

    Jacqueline Pagnol Cast

  9. Photo of Noël Roquevert

    Noël Roquevert Cast

  10. Photo of Jean Poiret

    Jean Poiret Cast

  11. Photo of Michel Serrault

    Michel Serrault Cast

  12. Photo of Suzet Maïs

    Suzet Maïs Cast

  13. Photo of Henri Crémieux

    Henri Crémieux Cast

  14. Photo of Fernand Sardou

    Fernand Sardou Cast

  15. Photo of Françoise Vallery

    Françoise Vallery Cast

  16. Photo of Joëlle Robin

    Joëlle Robin Cast

  17. Photo of Nina Myral

    Nina Myral Cast

  18. Photo of Christian Lude

    Christian Lude Cast

  19. Photo of Gib Grossac

    Gib Grossac Cast

  20. Photo of Luce Fabiole

    Luce Fabiole Cast

  21. Photo of Robert Destain

    Robert Destain Cast

  22. Photo of Elaine Dana

    Elaine Dana Cast

  23. Photo of André Dalibert

    André Dalibert Cast

  24. Photo of Dany Cintra

    Dany Cintra Cast

  25. Photo of René Bourbon

    René Bourbon Cast

  26. Photo of Paul Bonifas

    Paul Bonifas Cast

  27. Photo of Jack Ary

    Jack Ary Cast

  28. Photo of Charles Suin

    Charles Suin Cinematography

  29. Photo of René Sylviano

    René Sylviano Music

  30. Photo of Robert Giordani

    Robert Giordani Production Design

  31. Photo of Frédéric Heldt

    Frédéric Heldt Producer

  32. Photo of Jean Martinetti

    Jean Martinetti Producer

  33. Photo of Christian Gaudin

    Christian Gaudin Editing