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  1. Photo of Patrick Neater

    Patrick Neater Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alex Garland

    Alex Garland Novel

  3. Photo of Jonathan Rhys Meyers

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers Cast

  4. Photo of Saskia Reeves

    Saskia Reeves Cast

  5. Photo of Alexander Rendel

    Alexander Rendel Cast

  6. Photo of Carlo Nanni

    Carlo Nanni Cast

  7. Photo of Lena Christensen

    Lena Christensen Cast

  8. Photo of Veradis Vinyarath

    Veradis Vinyarath Cast

  9. Photo of Tunpicha Simasathen

    Tunpicha Simasathen Cast

  10. Photo of Decha Srimantra

    Decha Srimantra Cinematography

  11. Photo of James Iha

    James Iha Music

  12. Photo of Vithaya Navathong

    Vithaya Navathong Production Design

  13. Photo of Bae Soo-jun

    Bae Soo-jun Producer

  14. Photo of Jun Hara

    Jun Hara Producer

  15. Photo of Naoki Kai

    Naoki Kai Producer

  16. Photo of Takashi Kusube

    Takashi Kusube Producer

  17. Photo of Koichi Shibuya

    Koichi Shibuya Producer

  18. Photo of Michael Kawamura

    Michael Kawamura Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Oxide Pang Chun

    Oxide Pang Chun Editing, Screenplay Director