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  1. Photo of Fritz Lang

    Fritz Lang Director, Producer, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Thea von Harbou

    Thea von Harbou Screenplay

  3. Photo of Norbert Jacques

    Norbert Jacques Novel

  4. Photo of Rudolf Klein-Rogge

    Rudolf Klein-Rogge Cast

  5. Photo of Gustav Diessl

    Gustav Diessl Cast

  6. Photo of Rudolf Schündler

    Rudolf Schündler Cast

  7. Photo of Oskar Höcker

    Oskar Höcker Cast

  8. Photo of Theo Lingen

    Theo Lingen Cast

  9. Photo of Camilla Spira

    Camilla Spira Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Henckels

    Paul Henckels Cast

  11. Photo of Otto Wernicke

    Otto Wernicke Cast

  12. Photo of Theodor Loos

    Theodor Loos Cast

  13. Photo of Hadrian Maria Netto

    Hadrian Maria Netto Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Bernd

    Paul Bernd Cast

  15. Photo of Henry Pleß

    Henry Pleß Cast

  16. Photo of Adolf E. Licho

    Adolf E. Licho Cast

  17. Photo of Oskar Beregi Sr.

    Oskar Beregi Sr. Cast

  18. Photo of Wera Liessem

    Wera Liessem Cast

  19. Photo of Karl Meixner

    Karl Meixner Cast

  20. Photo of Klaus Pohl

    Klaus Pohl Cast

  21. Photo of Gerhard Bienert

    Gerhard Bienert Cast

  22. Photo of Josef Dahmen

    Josef Dahmen Cast

  23. Photo of Georg John

    Georg John Cast

  24. Photo of Karl Platen

    Karl Platen Cast

  25. Photo of Paul Rehkopf

    Paul Rehkopf Cast

  26. Photo of Franz Stein

    Franz Stein Cast

  27. Photo of Ludwig Stössel

    Ludwig Stössel Cast

  28. Photo of Eduard Wesener

    Eduard Wesener Cast

  29. Photo of Bruno Ziener

    Bruno Ziener Cast

  30. Photo of Heinrich Gotho

    Heinrich Gotho Cast

  31. Photo of Michael von Newlinsky

    Michael von Newlinsky Cast

  32. Photo of Anna Goltz

    Anna Goltz Cast

  33. Photo of Heinrich Gretler

    Heinrich Gretler Cast

  34. Photo of Karl Vash

    Karl Vash Cinematography

  35. Photo of Fritz Arno Wagner

    Fritz Arno Wagner Cinematography

  36. Photo of Hans Erdmann

    Hans Erdmann Music

  37. Photo of Walter Sieber

    Walter Sieber Music

  38. Photo of Franz R. Friedl

    Franz R. Friedl Music

  39. Photo of Seymour Nebenzal

    Seymour Nebenzal Producer

  40. Photo of Lothar Wolff

    Lothar Wolff Editing

  41. Photo of Adolf Jansen

    Adolf Jansen Sound

  42. Photo of Conrad von Molo

    Conrad von Molo Sound and Editing

  43. Photo of Hans Kothe

    Hans Kothe Costume Design

  44. Photo of Emil Hasler

    Emil Hasler Art Department

  45. Photo of Karl Vollbrecht

    Karl Vollbrecht Art Department

  46. Photo of Ernst Kunstmann

    Ernst Kunstmann Special Effects