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  1. Photo of Armando Iannucci

    Armando Iannucci Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Natalie Bailey

    Natalie Bailey Director

  3. Photo of Becky Martin

    Becky Martin Director

  4. Photo of Billy Sneddon

    Billy Sneddon Director

  5. Photo of Jesse Armstrong

    Jesse Armstrong Screenplay

  6. Photo of Simon Blackwell

    Simon Blackwell Screenplay

  7. Photo of Ian Martin

    Ian Martin Screenplay

  8. Photo of Tony Roche

    Tony Roche Screenplay and Director

  9. Photo of Chris Addison

    Chris Addison Cast and Director

  10. Photo of James Smith

    James Smith Cast

  11. Photo of Peter Capaldi

    Peter Capaldi Cast

  12. Photo of Joanna Scanlan

    Joanna Scanlan Cast

  13. Photo of Rebecca Front

    Rebecca Front Cast

  14. Photo of Olivia Poulet

    Olivia Poulet Cast

  15. Photo of Vincent Franklin

    Vincent Franklin Cast

  16. Photo of Will Smith

    Will Smith Cast