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  1. Photo of Pavel Chukhray

    Pavel Chukhray Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Vladimir Mashkov

    Vladimir Mashkov Cast

  3. Photo of Ekaterina Rednikova

    Ekaterina Rednikova Cast

  4. Photo of Misha Philipchuk

    Misha Philipchuk Cast

  5. Photo of Amaliya Mordvinova

    Amaliya Mordvinova Cast

  6. Photo of Lidiya Savchenko

    Lidiya Savchenko Cast

  7. Photo of Anna Shtukaturova

    Anna Shtukaturova Cast

  8. Photo of Vladimir Klimov

    Vladimir Klimov Cinematography

  9. Photo of Vladimir Dashkevich

    Vladimir Dashkevich Music

  10. Photo of Viktor Petrov

    Viktor Petrov Production Design

  11. Photo of Igor Bortnikov

    Igor Bortnikov Producer

  12. Photo of Sergei Kozlov

    Sergei Kozlov Producer

  13. Photo of Igor Tolstunov

    Igor Tolstunov Producer

  14. Photo of Marina Dobryanskaya

    Marina Dobryanskaya Editing

  15. Photo of Natalya Kucherenko

    Natalya Kucherenko Editing

  16. Photo of Yuliya Yegorova

    Yuliya Yegorova Sound

  17. Photo of Natalya Aleksandrova

    Natalya Aleksandrova Costume Design

  18. Photo of Natalya Moneva

    Natalya Moneva Costume Design