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  1. Photo of Andrew Marton

    Andrew Marton Director

  2. Photo of Sidney Harmon

    Sidney Harmon Producer

  3. Photo of Bernard Gordon

    Bernard Gordon Screenplay

  4. Photo of Manuel Berenguer

    Manuel Berenguer Cinematography

  5. Photo of Keir Dullea

    Keir Dullea Cast

  6. Photo of Jack Warden

    Jack Warden Cast

  7. Photo of James Philbrook

    James Philbrook Cast

  8. Photo of Ray Daley

    Ray Daley Cast

  9. Photo of Bob Kanter

    Bob Kanter Cast

  10. Photo of Merlyn Yordan

    Merlyn Yordan Cast

  11. Photo of Kieron Moore

    Kieron Moore Cast

  12. Photo of Steve Rowland

    Steve Rowland Cast

  13. Photo of Stephen Levy

    Stephen Levy Cast

  14. Photo of Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson Cast

  15. Photo of Charles Stalnaker

    Charles Stalnaker Cast

  16. Photo of Jim Gillen

    Jim Gillen Cast

  17. Photo of Gabe Sumner

    Gabe Sumner Cast

  18. Photo of Joe Collins

    Joe Collins Cast

  19. Photo of Gary Lasdun

    Gary Lasdun Cast

  20. Photo of Ben Tatar

    Ben Tatar Cast

  21. Photo of John Clarke

    John Clarke Cast

  22. Photo of Derek Parsons

    Derek Parsons Editing

  23. Photo of Malcolm Arnold

    Malcolm Arnold Music

  24. Photo of James Jones

    James Jones Screenplay