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  1. Photo of John Carpenter

    John Carpenter Director

  2. Photo of John W. Campbell Jr.

    John W. Campbell Jr. Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bill Lancaster

    Bill Lancaster Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kurt Russell

    Kurt Russell Cast

  5. Photo of Wilford Brimley

    Wilford Brimley Cast

  6. Photo of T.K. Carter

    T.K. Carter Cast

  7. Photo of David Clennon

    David Clennon Cast

  8. Photo of Keith David

    Keith David Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Dysart

    Richard Dysart Cast

  10. Photo of Charles Hallahan

    Charles Hallahan Cast

  11. Photo of Peter Maloney

    Peter Maloney Cast

  12. Photo of Richard Masur

    Richard Masur Cast

  13. Photo of Donald Moffat

    Donald Moffat Cast

  14. Photo of Joel Polis

    Joel Polis Cast

  15. Photo of Thomas G. Waites

    Thomas G. Waites Cast

  16. Photo of Adrienne Barbeau

    Adrienne Barbeau Cast

  17. Photo of Norbert Weisser

    Norbert Weisser Cast

  18. Photo of Dean Cundey

    Dean Cundey Cinematography

  19. Photo of Ennio Morricone

    Ennio Morricone Music

  20. Photo of John J. Lloyd

    John J. Lloyd Production Design

  21. Photo of David Foster

    David Foster Producer

  22. Photo of Lawrence Turman

    Lawrence Turman Producer

  23. Photo of Wilbur Stark

    Wilbur Stark Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Todd C. Ramsay

    Todd C. Ramsay Editing