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  1. Photo of Pierre Grunstein

    Pierre Grunstein Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Alexandra Lederman

    Alexandra Lederman Producer

  3. Photo of Paul Lederman

    Paul Lederman Producer

  4. Photo of Claude Berri

    Claude Berri Producer

  5. Photo of Patrick Bordier

    Patrick Bordier Producer

  6. Photo of Segolene Fleury-Slimane

    Segolene Fleury-Slimane Producer

  7. Photo of Michel Lengliney

    Michel Lengliney Screenplay

  8. Photo of Alain Choquart

    Alain Choquart Cinematography

  9. Photo of Didier Bourdon

    Didier Bourdon Cast, Director Screenplay

  10. Photo of Bernard Campan

    Bernard Campan Cast, Screenplay Director

  11. Photo of Pascal L├ęgitimus

    Pascal L├ęgitimus Cast

  12. Photo of Antoine du Merle

    Antoine du Merle Cast

  13. Photo of Anne Jacquemin

    Anne Jacquemin Cast

  14. Photo of Marine Jolivet

    Marine Jolivet Cast

  15. Photo of Annick Alane

    Annick Alane Cast

  16. Photo of Bernard Farcy

    Bernard Farcy Cast

  17. Photo of Elie Semoun

    Elie Semoun Cast

  18. Photo of Gerard Klotz

    Gerard Klotz Editing and Production Design