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  1. Photo of Yip Wing-cho

    Yip Wing-cho Director

  2. Photo of Hsin Yi Chang

    Hsin Yi Chang Screenplay

  3. Photo of Leung Ka-Yan

    Leung Ka-Yan Cast

  4. Photo of Mien Fang

    Mien Fang Cast

  5. Photo of Siu Tin Yuen

    Siu Tin Yuen Cast

  6. Photo of Chang Fu-chien

    Chang Fu-chien Cast

  7. Photo of Yuet Sang Chin

    Yuet Sang Chin Cast

  8. Photo of Chang Sheng Ko

    Chang Sheng Ko Cast

  9. Photo of Eddy Ko

    Eddy Ko Cast

  10. Photo of Li Kun

    Li Kun Cast

  11. Photo of Chin Ku Ma

    Chin Ku Ma Cast

  12. Photo of Ou Li-pao

    Ou Li-pao Cast

  13. Photo of Peng San

    Peng San Cast

  14. Photo of Shih Ting-Ken

    Shih Ting-Ken Cast

  15. Photo of Lan Sun

    Lan Sun Cast

  16. Photo of Robert Tai

    Robert Tai Cast

  17. Photo of Wang Ming-Tai

    Wang Ming-Tai Cast

  18. Photo of Chou Fu Liang

    Chou Fu Liang Producer and Music