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  1. Photo of Naoto Inoue

    Naoto Inoue Screenplay

  2. Photo of Zhi Jun Yang

    Zhi Jun Yang Screenplay

  3. Photo of Masayuki Kojima

    Masayuki Kojima Screenplay and Director

  4. Photo of Mitsuaki Kanuka

    Mitsuaki Kanuka Voice

  5. Photo of Houko Kuwashima

    Houko Kuwashima Voice

  6. Photo of Jiro Hiramiki

    Jiro Hiramiki Voice

  7. Photo of Kaori Yamagata

    Kaori Yamagata Voice

  8. Photo of Norio Wakamoto

    Norio Wakamoto Voice

  9. Photo of Tatsuomi Hamada

    Tatsuomi Hamada Voice

  10. Photo of Toshio Kakei

    Toshio Kakei Voice

  11. Photo of Yūko Minaguchi

    Yūko Minaguchi Voice

  12. Photo of Yuuki Kawashita

    Yuuki Kawashita Cinematography

  13. Photo of Shûsei Murai

    Shûsei Murai Music

  14. Photo of Yasuteru Iwase

    Yasuteru Iwase Producer

  15. Photo of Akira Shinohara

    Akira Shinohara Producer

  16. Photo of Satoshi Yoshimoto

    Satoshi Yoshimoto Producer

  17. Photo of Satoshi Terauchi

    Satoshi Terauchi Editing

  18. Photo of Youji Shimizu

    Youji Shimizu Sound

  19. Photo of Ken Baba

    Ken Baba Animation

  20. Photo of Kunihiko Hamada

    Kunihiko Hamada Animation

  21. Photo of Kunihiko Sakurai

    Kunihiko Sakurai Animation

  22. Photo of Masaru Kitao

    Masaru Kitao Animation

  23. Photo of Norimoto Tokura

    Norimoto Tokura Animation

  24. Photo of Tsutomu Awada

    Tsutomu Awada Animation

  25. Photo of Yutaka Minowa

    Yutaka Minowa Animation