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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film The Tightrope

    Some sequences were interesting yet it was not appealing enough totally.

  2. André's rating of the film The Tightrope

    Well I have grown in a small town in Peru. So I have seen many small circus like this coming around my town. This film resonated with me on many levels because of that. But if you are a European film enthusiast expecting a super exotic story about a third world country family dealing with super third world country problems… Well, probably this is not for you.

  3. captainfez's rating of the film The Tightrope

    This made me want to run away and join suburbia.

  4. Tulika Ahuja's rating of the film The Tightrope

    This film offers visual and audio pleasure. It uses diegetic sounds to set the pace of the film very effectively. It is an honest portrayal of the characters lives - a pleasant watch!

  5. Duck Waters's rating of the film The Tightrope

    Pretty fascinating. The most interesting part for me was hearing them talk about their philosophy of the art and the pressure of being a circus family. I was surprised that the mom was more open to the idea of Cirque than the kids. I felt kind of bad for the animals, which made a couple scenes a little hard to watch. So, so curious about what happened after the movie ended...

  6. DrFirestone's rating of the film The Tightrope

    Mama and papa clowns live the life of a circus-rai, but this bores the hell out of the boy and the girl feels caught somewhere in between. Well... this is it, I don't think there's much to be mentioned here. Oh, yes - running a circus can be a gravely serious enterprise and I thank this film for the revelation.

  7. Sergey Belov's rating of the film The Tightrope

    extremely pessimistic. it deserves 4 stars no doubt, but I am so upset for the whole day today, so only 3, my apologies. also picture quality of the camera is suck

  8. tfsnchez's rating of the film The Tightrope

    It's a melancholy film about circus life. But the point that its the real life.

  9. nica's rating of the film The Tightrope

    An effective documentary with a brilliant final shot. You know where it will lead but you definitely find yourself rooting for this family anyway. (I hope they're okay right now.)

  10. Raquel's rating of the film The Tightrope

    I was expecting them to be some kind of eccentric and eerie people, but they were absurdly down to earth and yet playful and thoughtful towards life. I only wish they'd treat those animals the same way they treat each other....

  11. Stefan Drees's rating of the film The Tightrope

    A subtle documentary about a dying profession, disillusioning and melancholic, with some very some strong sequences. It's well worth watching.