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  1. Photo of Camilo Luzuriaga

    Camilo Luzuriaga Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lissette Cabrera

    Lissette Cabrera Cast

  3. Photo of Verónica García

    Verónica García Cast

  4. Photo of Rossana Iturralde

    Rossana Iturralde Cast

  5. Photo of Wolframio Sinué

    Wolframio Sinué Cast

  6. Photo of Arístides Vargas

    Arístides Vargas Cast

  7. Photo of Virgilo Valero

    Virgilo Valero Cast

  8. Photo of Rodrigo Cueva

    Rodrigo Cueva Cinematography

  9. Photo of Diego Falconi

    Diego Falconi Cinematography

  10. Photo of Diego Luzuriaga

    Diego Luzuriaga Music

  11. Photo of Santiago Luzuriaga

    Santiago Luzuriaga Music

  12. Photo of Atahulfo Tobar

    Atahulfo Tobar Music

  13. Photo of Lilia Lemos

    Lilia Lemos Producer

  14. Photo of Poncho Álvarez

    Poncho Álvarez Editing