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  1. Photo of Lamberto Bava

    Lamberto Bava Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Diego Cestino

    Diego Cestino Screenplay

  3. Photo of Andrea Valentini

    Andrea Valentini Screenplay

  4. Photo of Simone Corrente

    Simone Corrente Cast

  5. Photo of Elena Bouryka

    Elena Bouryka Cast

  6. Photo of María Blanco-Fafián

    María Blanco-Fafián Cast

  7. Photo of Carla Cassola

    Carla Cassola Cast

  8. Photo of Emilio De Marchi

    Emilio De Marchi Cast

  9. Photo of Valeria Cramerotti

    Valeria Cramerotti Cast

  10. Photo of Daniela Giorgini

    Daniela Giorgini Cast

  11. Photo of Alevtyna Huzar

    Alevtyna Huzar Cast

  12. Photo of Martina Micozzi

    Martina Micozzi Cast

  13. Photo of Antonella Salvucci

    Antonella Salvucci Cast

  14. Photo of Eleonora Sannibale

    Eleonora Sannibale Cast

  15. Photo of Alessandro Santini

    Alessandro Santini Cast

  16. Photo of Ugo Menegatti

    Ugo Menegatti Cinematography

  17. Photo of Paolo Vivaldi

    Paolo Vivaldi Music

  18. Photo of Fabrizio Pigliucci

    Fabrizio Pigliucci Music

  19. Photo of Lilio Rosato

    Lilio Rosato Music

  20. Photo of Maurizio Jacopelli

    Maurizio Jacopelli Production Design

  21. Photo of Angelo Frezza

    Angelo Frezza Producer

  22. Photo of Raimondo Aiello

    Raimondo Aiello Editing

  23. Photo of Leopoldo Ceccarelli

    Leopoldo Ceccarelli Editing

  24. Photo of Stefano Di Fiore

    Stefano Di Fiore Sound

  25. Photo of Edy Gentili

    Edy Gentili Sound

  26. Photo of Edmondo Gintili

    Edmondo Gintili Sound