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  1. Photo of William Vega

    William Vega Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of César Salazar

    César Salazar Sound

  3. Photo of Miguel Hernández

    Miguel Hernández Sound

  4. Photo of Miller Castro

    Miller Castro Sound

  5. Photo of Sofía Oggioni

    Sofía Oggioni Cinematography

  6. Photo of Miguel Schvedfinger

    Miguel Schvedfinger Editing

  7. Photo of Joghis Arias

    Joghis Arias Cast

  8. Photo of Julio César Roble

    Julio César Roble Cast

  9. Photo of Floralba Achicanoy

    Floralba Achicanoy Cast

  10. Photo of David Guacas

    David Guacas Cast

  11. Photo of Heraldo Romero

    Heraldo Romero Cast

  12. Photo of Oscar Ruíz Navia

    Oscar Ruíz Navia Producer

  13. Photo of Diana María Bustamante Escobar

    Diana María Bustamante Escobar Producer

  14. Photo of Issan Guerra

    Issan Guerra Producer

  15. Photo of Edgar San Juan

    Edgar San Juan Producer

  16. Photo of Sebastian Sanchez Amunategui

    Sebastian Sanchez Amunategui Producer

  17. Photo of Thierry Lenouvel

    Thierry Lenouvel Producer

  18. Photo of Marcela Gomez Montoya

    Marcela Gomez Montoya Production Design