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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Juhi Jotwani's rating of the film Ottaal

    Powerful and impactful. We don't get to see many films like this anymore... which might be the reason for indifference and amnesia when it comes to child labour and illiteracy.

  2. Sachin Chavan's rating of the film Ottaal

    You’ll fall in love with the backwaters and fishing rural side of Kerala watching this film. At the same time, it will make you a more sensitive human being. It’s beautiful and it’s powerful.

  3. Anand Dubey's rating of the film Ottaal

    Stark class divisions mar the living reality of Indians- more so for farmer's and their families. A farmer was not supposed to be, like his land, like his wife and son. We drift through beautiful Kerala landscape- like a child, seeing it for the first time, on our own, without supervision or protection. We see adults the child is to become while the child learns to absorb what he has lost - only to lose it all again.

  4. chitra's rating of the film Ottaal

    A film full of pathos. What makes the film memorable is the way the landscape and people have been captured. The cinematography is par excellence. The loss of childhood and the ensuing life of slavery is hard hitting.

  5. Anup's rating of the film Ottaal

    A soulful and morose reminder of the stark inequalities in the world we live in. It has the subtle undertones of the helpless choices made by man towards a greedy and chaotic trap, as opposed to harmonious living in nature. Jayaraj's understanding of nature, beautifully shot frames of Kuttanad and a lyrical viewpoint makes this one a gem.

  6. saumyad206's rating of the film Ottaal

    Structurally poetic. Hits exactly the right emotional chords. Apart from adressing bigger issues such as farmer's suicide and child labor disquietly through this beautifully personal story of a boy and his grandfather, the movie attempts to make us realise the actuality of living , learning and loss. Scenes are aesthetically in wide shots to make the audience feel completely one with nature. Heartfelt.