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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Slappy McGee's rating of the film The Trap

    (4.5 stars) A powerful thriller that elevates itself beyond the trappings of a mere genre film. It's so grounded in the elements of a basic human need: love of family. As it unfolds, we get more and more wrapped up in the protagonist's plight. Yet the story doesn't fall into the trap of him making bad decision after bad decision. He makes the same choices that most of us would make - choices he MUST make.

  2. Wee Hunk's rating of the film The Trap

    When I was young I remember my Dad saying, "I would never let you starve. I would rob banks. I would steal food." Luckily it never came to that, but it gives you a bit of a perspective what a parent will do. This has some great performances in it. Well worth watching.

  3. Jacob Haisley's rating of the film The Trap

    There's something very rote about the storytelling in this, as if all the scenes are just strung together for narrative development without having any life of their own. Common problem, and therefore a pretty common film. I am sure there is a nice twist at the end, but since I can't trust the filmmaker there's no point in finishing it.

  4. Jenny Connors's rating of the film The Trap

    Wow! Tense. All the way to the inevitable end.

  5. Lorna Singh's rating of the film The Trap

    Works as film noir , moral drama and Serbian society in transition.

  6. mpho3's rating of the film The Trap

    Pitch perfect rendering of a subgenre rendered all the more nuanced by it's commentary on Serbia in transition. I loved the steady tone of the film as well as the performances.

  7. Ordet Ordet's rating of the film The Trap

    except last words of Jelena,the whole film is not objectionable.

  8. Luka's rating of the film The Trap

    'Osveta je jelo najbolje je poslužuje hladno'

  9. el.'s rating of the film The Trap

    3,5/5 a very enjoyable (if one can say so in this case) presentation of life, social status, human nature and the paradox of living. the "why we do what we do" scenaio is shown on quite a few picturesque examples.

  10. Mario Gaborović's rating of the film The Trap

    RIP Nebojša Glogovac (1969-2018).

  11. Magda's rating of the film The Trap

    It's a rather predictable story, BUT it has a great way of shooting the scenes. Worth watching.

  12. SP's rating of the film The Trap

    Worth watching indeed. A solid piece of work from serbia.

  13. Addiena of Mubi land's rating of the film The Trap

    A good drama, well shot, well written, and as usual, ironic. It's worth to watch if yer tired of hollywood piece. Another, more-people-should-know-about-it movie.