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  1. Photo of Dimos Avdeliodis

    Dimos Avdeliodis Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Aristodimos Avdeliodis

    Aristodimos Avdeliodis Producer

  3. Photo of Filippos Koutsaftis

    Filippos Koutsaftis Cinematography

  4. Photo of Yannis Avdeliodis

    Yannis Avdeliodis Cast

  5. Photo of Nikos Mioteris

    Nikos Mioteris Cast

  6. Photo of Marina Delivoria

    Marina Delivoria Cast

  7. Photo of Katerina Kyriakodi

    Katerina Kyriakodi Cast

  8. Photo of Takis Agoris

    Takis Agoris Cast

  9. Photo of Yannis Koliaros

    Yannis Koliaros Cast

  10. Photo of Vagelio Misailidou

    Vagelio Misailidou Cast

  11. Photo of Kostas Kalamotoessis

    Kostas Kalamotoessis Cast

  12. Photo of Dimitris Sideratos

    Dimitris Sideratos Cast

  13. Photo of Stelios Makrias

    Stelios Makrias Cast

  14. Photo of Despina Psalti

    Despina Psalti Cast

  15. Photo of Yannis Sitaras

    Yannis Sitaras Cast

  16. Photo of Yorgos Kanarios

    Yorgos Kanarios Cast

  17. Photo of Dimitris Kelis

    Dimitris Kelis Cast

  18. Photo of Parashos Kalitsis

    Parashos Kalitsis Cast

  19. Photo of Stelios Mioteris

    Stelios Mioteris Cast

  20. Photo of Yannis Koemakis

    Yannis Koemakis Cast

  21. Photo of Nikos Koutsodontis

    Nikos Koutsodontis Cast

  22. Photo of Pandelis Varkaris

    Pandelis Varkaris Cast

  23. Photo of Kostas Neamonitis

    Kostas Neamonitis Cast

  24. Photo of Sakis Pipidis

    Sakis Pipidis Cast

  25. Photo of Costas Fountas

    Costas Fountas Editing

  26. Photo of Dimitris Papadimitriou

    Dimitris Papadimitriou Music

  27. Photo of Angeliki Zyglaki

    Angeliki Zyglaki Costume Design