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  1. Feellikeanumber's rating of the film The Trip

    8/10 You were only suppose to blow the bloody doors off!

  2. dmerchan's rating of the film The Trip

    Perhaps I'm missing something, but this is a trip I'd rather not've taken. Before you force yourself to sit through the second and final 55-minute stretch, expecting the film to redeem itself, be warned: it doesn't. The latter half is just more of the same as the first. If you've followed these comedians' careers and want a closer glimpse of them you may enjoy this, but I prefer them in scripted or standup settings.

  3. ArkenUltor's rating of the film The Trip

    Everything has been done before, the most you can do is to do it better. That is what this buddy trip film is attempting to do. The early conversations between our 2 characters are entertaining and intelligent with the hilarious impersonations, but unfortunately it slowly falls into a slow dribble that goes almost nowhere. The juxtaposition of the the hard working chiefs and the sluggard Coogan is painful to view

  4. Carol's rating of the film The Trip

    I loved this, reminded me of the many places I've been in Northern England

  5. Ralph Melcher's rating of the film The Trip

    Not generally one for comedies, but I enjoyed this one. It’s both funny and touching, an exploration of middle age, friendship, the world of men and the English countryside (not to mention food). be 40 again! Original and brilliant.

  6. DSpaceNine's rating of the film The Trip

    Funny movie about two quirky Brits in the countryside, interspersed with excellent food.

  7. Nick Potter's rating of the film The Trip

    De. Light. Ful. I wasn't fully prepared for how much was going on underneath the surface. I loved the idea of just a bunch of travelling goofs, but the personal tensions really make this something special. I'd love to write more, but I must be off to bed. We rise at 9:30 on the dot.

  8. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The Trip

    I can understand the appeal as the film do have some charm and a great premise of two friends going on a trip to make a food citique. At first it has a great "reality TV" aspect to it and that feel is deepened with how the actors improvise things on the spot, but sadly it ends up mostly being a film about the two of them doing impressions and nagging at each other. Maybe it worked better in it's TV series format?

  9. David Perez's rating of the film The Trip

    Imagine a string of gags written by a hack.

  10. Fab S's rating of the film The Trip

    Steve and Rob at their best. Great impersonations for great landscapes, how to make a boring plot a very funny adventure

  11. mubilubba's rating of the film The Trip

    Finally I found a movie I really loved on Mubi! It was so playful and whimsical. Very funny. The scenery was idyllic. The food looked great, although how many scallops can a person eat?! I do wish there was more detailed description of the taste, scent and texture of the food, although I understand that wasn't their thing. I'm looking forward to the next Winterbottom film.

  12. Federico Boswarlos's rating of the film The Trip

  13. Monkey Flix's rating of the film The Trip

    I was sort of enjoying this movie. I wanted to finish watching it. But at least half of it is a series of bad impressions. It got tedious fast.

  14. Margaret McInroe's rating of the film The Trip

    Satire as tired as the treads of this car commercial for the Jeep Range Rover, Culinary and comic excess feed neurotic relationships of poetic wanderings through a literary landscape that deserves better.

  15. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film The Trip

  16. Clay_Carter's rating of the film The Trip

    One of my favorite non-movies. There is nothing to lose, nothing to gain -- just chill out and enjoy the trip.

  17. Myles's rating of the film The Trip

  18. David Richards's rating of the film The Trip

    The first and best of the trilogy. I love the competing impersonations and they way the two characters interact. The Trip to Spain is terrible, they kept repeating the same formula, but there was nothing left by the time they got to Spain.

  19. ejonline's rating of the film The Trip

    There has long been a tendency in the United States to speak in un-ironic hyperbole, especially when reviewing things. It has gotten worse lately, so that everything is either the greatest thing ever, it totally sucks. For that reason, when I say that this movie was perfectly fine (and not fiiiine), it may come across as derogatory or be read as an negative review. It is not. It was fine. That's it, and that's OK.

  20. Slappy McGee's rating of the film The Trip

    (3.5 stars) Coogan and Brydon discuss life, career and relationships as they banter continuously and fill their conversations with jokes, insults and sarcasm. The movie is more about relationships and character than plot and as such it can drag in spots. But in general, this is a delightfully funny film that touches on some topics that we can all relate to. A perfect example of British dry wit.

  21. Samuel Wells's rating of the film The Trip

    Light, clever, and endlessly quick witted. The Trip is a film starting with a modest premise, to highlight an odd couple and have them match wits. Having two actors play heightened versions of themselves and overlay them in beautiful scenery. The film wanders without too much purpose from situation to situation. What is remarkable about the film is the humor is far more natural than other films, genuine, never forced

  22. LibertyCapz's rating of the film The Trip

    Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon play themselves in this loosely plotted comedy-drama about two entertainers road tripping around England, seeing sights and eating luxurious food at expensive restaurants. There isn't much of a story to grab on to in this, so the main focus of the film quickly becomes the chemistry between the two actors. Me and my brother both found this thoroughly to be a entertaining watch.

  23. runfromfire's rating of the film The Trip

    Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon are both so bloody charming that the two of them together is almost too much.

  24. chanandre's rating of the film The Trip

    Brydon's Michael Caine imitation is hysterical. Coogan's schooling of it is even funnier.

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