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  1. Photo of Graham Theakston

    Graham Theakston Director

  2. Photo of Christopher Barry

    Christopher Barry Director

  3. Photo of Bob Blagden

    Bob Blagden Director

  4. Photo of Alick Rowe

    Alick Rowe Screenplay

  5. Photo of John Christopher

    John Christopher Novel

  6. Photo of John Shackley

    John Shackley Cast

  7. Photo of Jim Baker

    Jim Baker Cast

  8. Photo of Ceri Seel

    Ceri Seel Cast

  9. Photo of Robin Hayter

    Robin Hayter Cast

  10. Photo of Roderick Horn

    Roderick Horn Cast

  11. Photo of Charlotte Long

    Charlotte Long Cast

  12. Photo of Jeremy Young

    Jeremy Young Cast

  13. Photo of Pamela Salem

    Pamela Salem Cast

  14. Photo of Robin Langford

    Robin Langford Cast

  15. Photo of Godfrey James

    Godfrey James Cast

  16. Photo of Richard Wordsworth

    Richard Wordsworth Cast

  17. Photo of Bruce Purchase

    Bruce Purchase Cast

  18. Photo of Ken Freeman

    Ken Freeman Music

  19. Photo of Martin Collins

    Martin Collins Production Design

  20. Photo of Philip Lindley

    Philip Lindley Production Design

  21. Photo of Victor Meredith

    Victor Meredith Production Design

  22. Photo of Richard Bates

    Richard Bates Producer

  23. Photo of Robin Lobb

    Robin Lobb Special Effects

  24. Photo of Steve Drewett

    Steve Drewett Visual Effects

  25. Photo of Kevin Molloy

    Kevin Molloy Visual Effects

  26. Photo of Steve Bowman

    Steve Bowman Visual Effects

  27. Photo of Simon Tayler

    Simon Tayler Visual Effects

  28. Photo of Michael Kelt

    Michael Kelt Visual Effects