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  1. Photo of Leslie S. Hiscott

    Leslie S. Hiscott Director

  2. Photo of Arthur Conan Doyle

    Arthur Conan Doyle Screenplay

  3. Photo of H. Fowler Mear

    H. Fowler Mear Screenplay

  4. Photo of Arthur Wontner

    Arthur Wontner Cast

  5. Photo of Lyn Harding

    Lyn Harding Cast

  6. Photo of Leslie Perrins

    Leslie Perrins Cast

  7. Photo of Jane Carr

    Jane Carr Cast

  8. Photo of Ian Fleming

    Ian Fleming Cast

  9. Photo of Charles Mortimer

    Charles Mortimer Cast

  10. Photo of Minnie Rayner

    Minnie Rayner Cast

  11. Photo of Michael Shepley

    Michael Shepley Cast

  12. Photo of Ben Welden

    Ben Welden Cast

  13. Photo of Roy Emerton

    Roy Emerton Cast

  14. Photo of Wilfrid Caithness

    Wilfrid Caithness Cast

  15. Photo of Edmund D'Alby

    Edmund D'Alby Cast

  16. Photo of William Luff

    William Luff Cinematography

  17. Photo of Julius Hagen

    Julius Hagen Producer

  18. Photo of Ralph Kemplen

    Ralph Kemplen Editing

  19. Photo of Jack Harris

    Jack Harris Editing