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  1. Photo of Tobi Baumann

    Tobi Baumann Director

  2. Photo of Oliver Kalkofe

    Oliver Kalkofe Screenplay, Cast Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Oliver Welke

    Oliver Welke Screenplay and Cast

  4. Photo of Bastian Pastewka

    Bastian Pastewka Screenplay and Cast

  5. Photo of Edgar Wallace

    Edgar Wallace Screenplay

  6. Photo of Anita Schneider

    Anita Schneider Producer

  7. Photo of David Groenewold

    David Groenewold Producer

  8. Photo of Christian Becker

    Christian Becker Producer

  9. Photo of Andreas Grimm

    Andreas Grimm Music

  10. Photo of Gerhard Schirlo

    Gerhard Schirlo Cinematography

  11. Photo of Ueli Christen

    Ueli Christen Editing

  12. Photo of Marco Pav D'Auria

    Marco Pav D'Auria Editing

  13. Photo of Christian Götz

    Christian Götz Sound

  14. Photo of Magda Habernickel

    Magda Habernickel Sound

  15. Photo of Tanja Wenzel

    Tanja Wenzel Cast

  16. Photo of Olli Dittrich

    Olli Dittrich Cast

  17. Photo of Thomas Heinze

    Thomas Heinze Cast

  18. Photo of Anke Engelke

    Anke Engelke Cast

  19. Photo of Thomas Fritsch

    Thomas Fritsch Cast

  20. Photo of Christoph Maria Herbst

    Christoph Maria Herbst Cast

  21. Photo of Wolfgang Völz

    Wolfgang Völz Cast

  22. Photo of Antoine Monot Jr.

    Antoine Monot Jr. Cast

  23. Photo of Lars Rudolph

    Lars Rudolph Cast

  24. Photo of Eva Ebner

    Eva Ebner Cast

  25. Photo of André Meyer

    André Meyer Cast

  26. Photo of Daniel Steiner

    Daniel Steiner Cast

  27. Photo of Grit Boettcher

    Grit Boettcher Cast

  28. Photo of Klaus Neumann

    Klaus Neumann Cast

  29. Photo of Holger Speckhahn

    Holger Speckhahn Cast

  30. Photo of Wilfried Gliem

    Wilfried Gliem Cast

  31. Photo of Wolfgang Schwalm

    Wolfgang Schwalm Cast

  32. Photo of André Dietz

    André Dietz Cast

  33. Photo of Zdenek Tomes

    Zdenek Tomes Cast

  34. Photo of Carl Heinz Choynski

    Carl Heinz Choynski Cast

  35. Photo of Michal Gulyáš

    Michal Gulyáš Cast

  36. Photo of Václav Krejcí

    Václav Krejcí Cast

  37. Photo of Hanuš Bor

    Hanuš Bor Cast

  38. Photo of Ivan Urbánek

    Ivan Urbánek Cast

  39. Photo of Ales Vrzal

    Ales Vrzal Cast

  40. Photo of Catharina van Veen

    Catharina van Veen Cast

  41. Photo of Sylvia Schäffler

    Sylvia Schäffler Cast

  42. Photo of Matthias Müsse

    Matthias Müsse Cast and Production Design

  43. Photo of Nina Sollich

    Nina Sollich Cast