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  1. Photo of Giorgio Ferroni

    Giorgio Ferroni Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ugo Liberatore

    Ugo Liberatore Screenplay

  3. Photo of Giorgio Stegani

    Giorgio Stegani Screenplay

  4. Photo of Federico Zardi

    Federico Zardi Screenplay

  5. Photo of Steve Reeves

    Steve Reeves Cast

  6. Photo of Juliette Mayniel

    Juliette Mayniel Cast

  7. Photo of John Drew Barrymore

    John Drew Barrymore Cast

  8. Photo of Edy Vessel

    Edy Vessel Cast

  9. Photo of Lidia Alfonsi

    Lidia Alfonsi Cast

  10. Photo of Luciana Angiolillo

    Luciana Angiolillo Cast

  11. Photo of Arturo Dominici

    Arturo Dominici Cast

  12. Photo of Mimmo Palmara

    Mimmo Palmara Cast

  13. Photo of Nerio Bernardi

    Nerio Bernardi Cast

  14. Photo of Nando Tamberlani

    Nando Tamberlani Cast

  15. Photo of Carlo Tamberlani

    Carlo Tamberlani Cast

  16. Photo of Giancarlo Bastianoni

    Giancarlo Bastianoni Cast

  17. Photo of Giovanni Cianfriglia

    Giovanni Cianfriglia Cast

  18. Photo of Warner Bentivegna

    Warner Bentivegna Cast

  19. Photo of Rino Filippini

    Rino Filippini Cinematography

  20. Photo of Giovanni Fusco

    Giovanni Fusco Music

  21. Photo of Pier Vittorio Marchi

    Pier Vittorio Marchi Production Design

  22. Photo of Zoran Zorčić

    Zoran Zorčić Production Design

  23. Photo of Giampaolo Bigazzi

    Giampaolo Bigazzi Producer

  24. Photo of Antonietta Zita

    Antonietta Zita Editing

  25. Photo of Dragoljub Ivkov

    Dragoljub Ivkov Art Department

  26. Photo of Jovan Radic

    Jovan Radic Art Department

  27. Photo of Milan Todorovic

    Milan Todorovic Art Department

  28. Photo of Ettore Catalucci

    Ettore Catalucci Special Effects