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  1. smndvdcl's rating of the film The Trotsky

    How this film slipped under-the-radar is beyond me. This is hilarious in affectionately pointing out the pros of Left-leaning ideas (democratic unionizing) and the cons of authoritarian Left role models (whose violent Commie uprisings proved that two wrongs don't make a right). This is smart, savvy comedy drama at its finest. What an underrated gem of a film.

  2. auloel's rating of the film The Trotsky

    Mati klean antek-antek liberalis!

  3. Michael A's rating of the film The Trotsky

    In 2009 or so I was a child interested for any film about Trotsky and I'm going to tell you; this is the stupid one that had just released.

  4. YIANNA's rating of the film The Trotsky

    Is there any possibility to buy a copy of this film?

  5. Allan's rating of the film The Trotsky

    I am a Trotskyist and this film looks bloody bizarre

  6. WeirdHair's rating of the film The Trotsky

    There needs to be more Jay Baruchel movies. It has a difficult protagonist, which we end up rooting for. And we have Mr, Baruchel to thank for that.

  7. Zachary George Najarian-Najafi's rating of the film The Trotsky

    Teenage comedies have long featured eccentric and quirky leading characters, but few are as inventive as the hero of this little gem here. Full review:

  8. Gran-Hoff's rating of the film The Trotsky

    I even tried to see it as a first approach to people who had never even heard of Trotsky, or something like that, but no... it's almost as if the director was using his character to talk about something he could maybe admire, but the distance he puts between himself and his characters for me is way too much to bare. it sounds like an apology for believing something different from capitalism is possible.

  9. Pedro Franceschini's rating of the film The Trotsky

    Anyone who is looking for any hint of real politic/intellectual points in this movie will be totally disappointed: it turns any leftist motivation into childish and unreal fight. But if you take it as a teenage comedy (as it should be, of course!) you get to really enjoy it. The protagonist is wonderful and most of the movie is pretty smart.

  10. Eleanor Abernathy's rating of the film The Trotsky

    as a friend of mine said, "it was as good as a teenage comedy could be." it was nice to finally watch a film about teenagers that wasn't overwhelmingly disgusting and inevitably leads to me wretching in the bathroom. i found the film entertaining without being ridiculous, smart without being condescending, and i think, if there was less cursing, anyone could really enjoy this movie.

  11. Abdullah Kılınç's rating of the film The Trotsky

  12. Jack Hemingway's rating of the film The Trotsky

  13. David M.K.'s rating of the film The Trotsky

    It seems as though every young 'auteur' imagines he can just add some affected, irritating quirkiness to any formula narrative and end up with something new and remarkable. I call it the Little Miss Sunshine Syndrome. The Trotsky is everything that's wrong with contemporary indie film. Trite, unimaginative, smug, and enamored of its 'cuteness.' Visually quoting Potemkin doesn't make you intelligent.

  14. Rodrigo J Lopez's rating of the film The Trotsky

    One of the more originals films I've seen in a long time. It wasn't perfect, but at times it came close. And Jay Baruchel was stellar in it.

  15. LizTutorsNYC's rating of the film The Trotsky

    Laughed a lot at this comedy. Cute, witty and a crash course in Labor Relations and the history of Leon Trotsky. Jay Baruchel is adorable and insanely awkward as ever. Plus small appearance of Jessica Pare for all you Mad Men fans!

  16. Steve's rating of the film The Trotsky

    Ok film until the ending which did not appeal to me

  17. FailedImitator's rating of the film The Trotsky

    I was sceptical at first, but this little film is really good.

  18. elmer_fishsticks's rating of the film The Trotsky

    Much better than I expected it to be. There were cliche moments, but the film decided to revel in them rather than fall into them unsuspectingly. Baruchel gave a fantastic performance and it alternated between being very funny and surprisingly inspirational. Hugely enjoyable film.

  19. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film The Trotsky

    Absolutely brilliant. The Trotsky is to 2009 what Rushmore was to 1998. They share the same surreal, absurd, compulsive attention to details. This redefines the high school genre. It's a cross between Goodbye, Lenin and Assassination of a High School President. Kudos to Jacob Tierney.

  20. Emlyn's rating of the film The Trotsky

    Jay Baruchel as The Trotsky was PHENOMENAL. Bit disappointed in the rest of the characters, (the mother was fantastic though) not enough development there. Editing was a little choppy, but definitely intellectually stimulating otherwise.

  21. Anna's rating of the film The Trotsky

    Cannot wait to watch this looks witty, fun and positively socialist!!!

  22. Brandon Isaacson's rating of the film The Trotsky

    A funny and intellectually stimulating film. Loved it.