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  1. Photo of Max Ophüls

    Max Ophüls Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Walter Schlee

    Walter Schlee Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alex de Haas

    Alex de Haas Screenplay

  4. Photo of Christine van Meeteren

    Christine van Meeteren Screenplay and Cast

  5. Photo of Herman Bouber

    Herman Bouber Cast

  6. Photo of Matthieu van Eysden

    Matthieu van Eysden Cast

  7. Photo of Rini Otte

    Rini Otte Cast

  8. Photo of Cor Ruys

    Cor Ruys Cast

  9. Photo of Edwin Gubbins Doorenbos

    Edwin Gubbins Doorenbos Cast

  10. Photo of Bert van Dongen

    Bert van Dongen Cast

  11. Photo of Gerard Doting

    Gerard Doting Cast

  12. Photo of Lau Ezerman

    Lau Ezerman Cast

  13. Photo of Richard Flinck

    Richard Flinck Cast

  14. Photo of Gerard Hartkamp

    Gerard Hartkamp Cast

  15. Photo of Arend Sandhouse

    Arend Sandhouse Cast

  16. Photo of Corry Vonk

    Corry Vonk Cast

  17. Photo of Eugen Schüfftan

    Eugen Schüfftan Cinematography

  18. Photo of Max Tak

    Max Tak Music

  19. Photo of Heinz Fenschel

    Heinz Fenschel Production Design

  20. Photo of Jan Wiegers

    Jan Wiegers Production Design

  21. Photo of Theo Van der Lugt

    Theo Van der Lugt Production Design

  22. Photo of Will Tuschinski

    Will Tuschinski Producer

  23. Photo of Gérard Bensdorp

    Gérard Bensdorp Editing

  24. Photo of I.J. Citroen

    I.J. Citroen Sound