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  1. Photo of Marcel Ophüls

    Marcel Ophüls Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Bertrand Tavernier

    Bertrand Tavernier Producer

  3. Photo of Frédéric Bourboulon

    Frédéric Bourboulon Producer

  4. Photo of Pierre Boffety

    Pierre Boffety Cinematography

  5. Photo of Pierre Milon

    Pierre Milon Cinematography

  6. Photo of Christiane Amanpour

    Christiane Amanpour Cast

  7. Photo of Paul Amar

    Paul Amar Cast

  8. Photo of Sergio Apollonio

    Sergio Apollonio Cast

  9. Photo of Isabelle Baillancourt

    Isabelle Baillancourt Cast

  10. Photo of Nigel Bateson

    Nigel Bateson Cast

  11. Photo of Martin Bell

    Martin Bell Cast

  12. Photo of Eric Bouvet

    Eric Bouvet Cast

  13. Photo of Zrinka Bralo

    Zrinka Bralo Cast

  14. Photo of Mira Bogdanovic

    Mira Bogdanovic Cast

  15. Photo of Fouad Bouzadjic

    Fouad Bouzadjic Cast

  16. Photo of Hilary Brown

    Hilary Brown Cast

  17. Photo of John Burns

    John Burns Cast

  18. Photo of Hervé Chabalier

    Hervé Chabalier Cast

  19. Photo of Patrick Chauvel

    Patrick Chauvel Cast

  20. Photo of Michèle Cotta

    Michèle Cotta Cast

  21. Photo of Walter Cronkite

    Walter Cronkite Cast

  22. Photo of Patrick Poivre d'Arvor

    Patrick Poivre d'Arvor Cast

  23. Photo of Paul-Marie De la Gorce

    Paul-Marie De la Gorce Cast

  24. Photo of Jean-François Deniau

    Jean-François Deniau Cast

  25. Photo of Gérard de Villiers

    Gérard de Villiers Cast

  26. Photo of Romain Goupil

    Romain Goupil Cast

  27. Photo of Radovan Karadzic

    Radovan Karadzic Cast

  28. Photo of Bernard-Henri Lévy

    Bernard-Henri Lévy Cast

  29. Photo of Slobodan Milosevic

    Slobodan Milosevic Cast

  30. Photo of Philippe Noiret

    Philippe Noiret Cast

  31. Photo of Sophie Brunet

    Sophie Brunet Editing

  32. Photo of Michel Fauré

    Michel Fauré Sound

  33. Photo of Jean-Noël Yven

    Jean-Noël Yven Sound