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  1. Photo of Richard Rich

    Richard Rich Director

  2. Photo of Terry L. Noss

    Terry L. Noss Director

  3. Photo of E. B. White

    E. B. White Screenplay

  4. Photo of Judy Rothman Rofé

    Judy Rothman Rofé Screenplay

  5. Photo of Dee Bradley Baker

    Dee Bradley Baker Cast

  6. Photo of Reese Witherspoon

    Reese Witherspoon Cast

  7. Photo of Jason Alexander

    Jason Alexander Cast

  8. Photo of Mary Steenburgen

    Mary Steenburgen Cast

  9. Photo of Seth Green

    Seth Green Cast

  10. Photo of Elizabeth Daily

    Elizabeth Daily Cast

  11. Photo of Sam Gifaldi

    Sam Gifaldi Cast

  12. Photo of Melissa Disney

    Melissa Disney Cast

  13. Photo of Pamela Adlon

    Pamela Adlon Cast

  14. Photo of Steve Vinovich

    Steve Vinovich Cast

  15. Photo of Corey Burton

    Corey Burton Cast

  16. Photo of Joe Mantegna

    Joe Mantegna Cast

  17. Photo of Carol Burnett

    Carol Burnett Cast

  18. Photo of Marcus Miller

    Marcus Miller Music

  19. Photo of Little Richard

    Little Richard Music

  20. Photo of Lin Oliver

    Lin Oliver Producer

  21. Photo of Paul J. Newman

    Paul J. Newman Producer

  22. Photo of Seldon Young

    Seldon Young Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Joe Campana

    Joe Campana Editing

  24. Photo of Robby Bartholomew

    Robby Bartholomew Sound

  25. Photo of Rick Hart

    Rick Hart Sound

  26. Photo of Dean St. John

    Dean St. John Sound

  27. Photo of Steven E. Gordon

    Steven E. Gordon Animation

  28. Photo of Elena Kravets

    Elena Kravets Animation

  29. Photo of Patrick Gleeson

    Patrick Gleeson Animation

  30. Photo of John Celestri

    John Celestri Animation

  31. Photo of Bronwen Barry

    Bronwen Barry Animation