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  1. Photo of Ernesto Sábato

    Ernesto Sábato Screenplay

  2. Photo of Antonio Drove

    Antonio Drove Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Carlos A. Cornejo

    Carlos A. Cornejo Screenplay

  4. Photo of José A. Mahieu

    José A. Mahieu Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jane Seymour

    Jane Seymour Cast

  6. Photo of Peter Weller

    Peter Weller Cast

  7. Photo of Manuel de Blas

    Manuel de Blas Cast

  8. Photo of Fernando Rey

    Fernando Rey Cast

  9. Photo of Yelena Samarina

    Yelena Samarina Cast

  10. Photo of Tomás Sáez

    Tomás Sáez Cast

  11. Photo of Marga Herrera

    Marga Herrera Cast

  12. Photo of Jaime Toja

    Jaime Toja Cast

  13. Photo of José Luis Baringo

    José Luis Baringo Cast

  14. Photo of Victoria Zinny

    Victoria Zinny Cast

  15. Photo of Gilberto Azevedo

    Gilberto Azevedo Cinematography

  16. Photo of Augusto Algueró

    Augusto Algueró Music

  17. Photo of Ely Menz

    Ely Menz Production Design

  18. Photo of Arturo Feliu

    Arturo Feliu Producer

  19. Photo of Lynn C. Jones

    Lynn C. Jones Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Ian Charles Serra

    Ian Charles Serra Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Pilar Soto

    Pilar Soto Editing