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  1. Photo of Jonathan auf der Heide

    Jonathan auf der Heide Director

  2. Photo of Tony Ayres

    Tony Ayres Director

  3. Photo of Jub Clerc

    Jub Clerc Director

  4. Photo of Robert Connolly

    Robert Connolly Director and Producer

  5. Photo of Shaun Gladwell

    Shaun Gladwell Director

  6. Photo of Rhys Graham

    Rhys Graham Director

  7. Photo of Justin Kurzel

    Justin Kurzel Director

  8. Photo of Yaron Lifschitz

    Yaron Lifschitz Director

  9. Photo of Anthony Lucas

    Anthony Lucas Director

  10. Photo of Claire McCarthy

    Claire McCarthy Director

  11. Photo of Ian Meadows

    Ian Meadows Director

  12. Photo of Ashlee Page

    Ashlee Page Director

  13. Photo of Stephen Page

    Stephen Page Director

  14. Photo of Simon Stone

    Simon Stone Director

  15. Photo of Marieka Walsh

    Marieka Walsh Director

  16. Photo of Mia Wasikowska

    Mia Wasikowska Director

  17. Photo of David Wenham

    David Wenham Director

  18. Photo of Tim Winton

    Tim Winton Screenplay

  19. Photo of Rose Byrne

    Rose Byrne Cast

  20. Photo of Cate Blanchett

    Cate Blanchett Cast

  21. Photo of Hugo Weaving

    Hugo Weaving Cast

  22. Photo of Miranda Otto

    Miranda Otto Cast

  23. Photo of Richard Roxburgh

    Richard Roxburgh Cast

  24. Photo of Matt Nable

    Matt Nable Cast

  25. Photo of Callan Mulvey

    Callan Mulvey Cast

  26. Photo of Harrison Gilbertson

    Harrison Gilbertson Cast

  27. Photo of Myles Pollard

    Myles Pollard Cast

  28. Photo of Brenna Harding

    Brenna Harding Cast

  29. Photo of Dan Wyllie

    Dan Wyllie Cast

  30. Photo of Kate Mulvany

    Kate Mulvany Cast

  31. Photo of Susie Porter

    Susie Porter Cast

  32. Photo of Colin Friels

    Colin Friels Cast

  33. Photo of Mirrah Foulkes

    Mirrah Foulkes Cast

  34. Photo of Robyn Nevin

    Robyn Nevin Cast

  35. Photo of Fraser James

    Fraser James Cast

  36. Photo of Eva Lazzaro

    Eva Lazzaro Cast

  37. Photo of Wayne Blair

    Wayne Blair Cast

  38. Photo of Dougie Baldwin

    Dougie Baldwin Cast

  39. Photo of Oscar Redding

    Oscar Redding Cast

  40. Photo of Libby Tanner

    Libby Tanner Cast

  41. Photo of Denson Baker

    Denson Baker Cinematography

  42. Photo of John Brawley

    John Brawley Cinematography

  43. Photo of Andrew Commis

    Andrew Commis Cinematography

  44. Photo of Stefan Duscio

    Stefan Duscio Cinematography

  45. Photo of Robert Humphreys

    Robert Humphreys Cinematography

  46. Photo of Jeremy Rouse

    Jeremy Rouse Cinematography

  47. Photo of Miles Rowland

    Miles Rowland Cinematography

  48. Photo of Warwick Thornton

    Warwick Thornton Cinematography and Director

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