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  1. Photo of André De Toth

    André De Toth Director

  2. Photo of Michael Wilson

    Michael Wilson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alfred Lewis Levitt

    Alfred Lewis Levitt Screenplay

  4. Photo of J. Alvin Kugelmass

    J. Alvin Kugelmass Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jack Hawkins

    Jack Hawkins Cast

  6. Photo of Gia Scala

    Gia Scala Cast

  7. Photo of Erik Schumann

    Erik Schumann Cast

  8. Photo of Alexander Knox

    Alexander Knox Cast

  9. Photo of Felix Aylmer

    Felix Aylmer Cast

  10. Photo of Walter Hudd

    Walter Hudd Cast

  11. Photo of Edward Underdown

    Edward Underdown Cast

  12. Photo of Laurence Naismith

    Laurence Naismith Cast

  13. Photo of Geoffrey Bayldon

    Geoffrey Bayldon Cast

  14. Photo of Kenneth Griffith

    Kenneth Griffith Cast

  15. Photo of Michael Caine

    Michael Caine Cast

  16. Photo of Harriette Johns

    Harriette Johns Cast

  17. Photo of Martin Benson

    Martin Benson Cast

  18. Photo of Victor Woolf

    Victor Woolf Cast

  19. Photo of Richard Grey

    Richard Grey Cast

  20. Photo of Ronald Hines

    Ronald Hines Cast

  21. Photo of Donald Pleasence

    Donald Pleasence Cast

  22. Photo of Martin Boddey

    Martin Boddey Cast

  23. Photo of Edward Scaife

    Edward Scaife Cinematography

  24. Photo of Gerard Schurmann

    Gerard Schurmann Music

  25. Photo of Ivan King

    Ivan King Production Design

  26. Photo of Bill Kirby

    Bill Kirby Producer

  27. Photo of Hal E. Chester

    Hal E. Chester Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Raymond Poulton

    Raymond Poulton Editing