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  1. Photo of Michael Hegner

    Michael Hegner Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Karsten Kiilerich

    Karsten Kiilerich Director, Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hans Christian Andersen

    Hans Christian Andersen Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mark Hodkinson

    Mark Hodkinson Screenplay

  5. Photo of Moe Honan

    Moe Honan Producer

  6. Photo of Gladys Morchoisne

    Gladys Morchoisne Producer

  7. Photo of Irene Sparre Hjorthøj

    Irene Sparre Hjorthøj Producer

  8. Photo of Thorbjørn Christoffersen

    Thorbjørn Christoffersen Editing

  9. Photo of Virgil Kastrup

    Virgil Kastrup Editing

  10. Photo of Per Risager

    Per Risager Editing

  11. Photo of Jacob Groth

    Jacob Groth Music

  12. Photo of Morgan C. Jones

    Morgan C. Jones Cast

  13. Photo of Paul Tylack

    Paul Tylack Cast

  14. Photo of Anna Nugent

    Anna Nugent Cast

  15. Photo of Gary Hetzler

    Gary Hetzler Cast

  16. Photo of Danna Davis

    Danna Davis Cast

  17. Photo of Barbara Bergin

    Barbara Bergin Cast

  18. Photo of Michelle Read

    Michelle Read Cast

  19. Photo of Hilary Cahill

    Hilary Cahill Cast

  20. Photo of Kim Larney

    Kim Larney Cast

  21. Photo of Hillary Kavanagh

    Hillary Kavanagh Cast

  22. Photo of Laurann Rabbitt

    Laurann Rabbitt Cast

  23. Photo of Aoife Murray

    Aoife Murray Cast

  24. Photo of Ralph Christians

    Ralph Christians Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Philippe Delarue

    Philippe Delarue Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Anders Mastrup

    Anders Mastrup Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Daina Sacco

    Daina Sacco Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Francois Cao

    Francois Cao Animation

  29. Photo of Pierre Collet

    Pierre Collet Animation

  30. Photo of CLaus Darholt

    CLaus Darholt Animation

  31. Photo of Jean-Charles Laurent

    Jean-Charles Laurent Animation

  32. Photo of Alex M. Lehmann

    Alex M. Lehmann Animation

  33. Photo of Vincent Lemaire

    Vincent Lemaire Animation