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  1. Pomin Wu's rating of the film The Ugly One

    Reminds me of Hiroshima mon amour.

  2. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film The Ugly One

    I found to be key some Lebanese history background. A second generation group of Palestinians refugees from the Israel/Palestine conflict regret their lives after getting themselves involved in the Cedar revolution. With their bodies and minds displaced, they struggle to make sense out of the efforts and sacrifices made in the name of their land. Incredibly educational with a heavy (as it should be) atmosphere.

  3. Charlie's rating of the film The Ugly One

    Although there were some very interesting and moving dialogues, in general I was bored.

  4. Sin título.'s rating of the film The Ugly One

    Potente historia guíada por las palabras de Masao Adachi quien a su vez nos brinda una especie de guión para reconstruir un presente cimentado en un pasado que no parece tener bases fijas. Eric Baudelaire vuelve a jugar con el ensamblaje de lo que fue y su interacción con una ficción que soporta parte de la realidad y cuestiona los valores clásicos de una crianza contra el desarrollo de los mismos en la adultez.

  5. nofatclips's rating of the film The Ugly One

    I'm a sucker for metacinema, but this one hits and misses. It kinda gives everything in the first half.

  6. aaa88's rating of the film The Ugly One

    Complex. The story is express on different levels, especially in words: narrator (sometimes in self-reference way), characters telling.

  7. Marc Saffar's rating of the film The Ugly One

    Je comprends bien l'intérêt du dispositif mais je me suis beaucoup trop ennuyé à ce film.

  8. Stefan Drees's rating of the film The Ugly One

    Together with its counterpart "L'anabase de May e Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi et 27 années sans images" a very demanding piece of cinema, but also fascinating in its consequence.

  9. Tibulle85's rating of the film The Ugly One

    J'ai vraiment essayé d'apprécier ce film mais je me suis globalement bcp ennuyé. Les côtés "dispositif narratif" et "docu-fiction" qui m'avaient bcp plu dans les courts du réalisateurs n'ont, je trouve, plus la même force et pertinence en long métrage. Le propos d'ensemble, à force de circonvolutions tortueuses, devient presque abscons.

  10. raggiodisole's rating of the film The Ugly One

    I can't say I entirely followed this film, but it was a fairly compelling study of post-revolution: what it is, how it interacts with the personal, the fractures it generates, the absence of success

  11. DrFirestone's rating of the film The Ugly One

    Brilliant, however rather complex and to really appreciate this film it would definitely help being familiar with the (quite complicated) situation in the Middle East - specifically Lebanon and Masao Adachi's life. It's a meditation on memory, love, time... It's very nostalgic and romantic, asks questions about and reasons behind a revolution. Excellent, but probably a bit demanding.

  12. Sushi Overdose's rating of the film The Ugly One

    Révolutionnaires de Beyrouth en plein doute. Singulier et mélancolique méta-film.

  13. Paul Relf's rating of the film The Ugly One

    Great idea. I loved the blurring between the narrator writing it and the director filming it and at the same time the characters discussing the writer and the director and how it relates to who they are and the memories they have lost and the memories they remember and the confusion and emotion that this stirs up. Alas, I was bored. Ce la vie.

  14. Ugo Casabianca's rating of the film The Ugly One

  15. mgaspa's rating of the film The Ugly One

    Complexe film , mais plein references politiques du Liban et ses alentours qui fait penser et repenser sa recent histoire. Genial cet ressemblement autour d'une table de ces gens si differents et a la fois liees par un sujet commun. Je me demande comme on a pu filmer cette genial seance. Bravo !!

  16. rociof's rating of the film The Ugly One

    Colección de emociones. Recomendable, el narrador es imprescindible.

  17. Jane de Deus's rating of the film The Ugly One

    This is the second Eric Baudelaire film I've seen and I like what this guy is trying to do. I couldn't connect emotionally with it (not sure if I was supposed to), but the film achieves a tone that drew me in and made me want to finish watching.

  18. Ludovic72's rating of the film The Ugly One

    Un film assez difficile à suivre, mélange constant de documentaire et de fiction, qui rappelle un peu L'Année dernière à Marienbad de Robbe-Grillet, tout en restant ancré dans les réalités du Liban... L'expérience se révèle intéressante mais un peu frustrante.

  19. Olivier Serafinowicz's rating of the film The Ugly One

    C'est peut-être "lent" mais ça finit fort. Ou comment narrer la guerre (qui reste) dans la tête, qui bouleverse le rapport au temps? La fin du film, scène du débat etc. est excellente. Et oui, Jorge Mourinha, il y a du L'année dernière à Marienbad, je trouve aussi.

  20. Superfrog's rating of the film The Ugly One

    For image and the final debate scene.

  21. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film The Ugly One

    Last year in Marienbad, er, Beyrouth.