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  1. Photo of Denis Héroux

    Denis Héroux Director

  2. Photo of Michel Parry

    Michel Parry Screenplay

  3. Photo of Peter Cushing

    Peter Cushing Cast

  4. Photo of Samantha Eggar

    Samantha Eggar Cast

  5. Photo of Ray Milland

    Ray Milland Cast

  6. Photo of Donald Pleasence

    Donald Pleasence Cast

  7. Photo of John Vernon

    John Vernon Cast

  8. Photo of Joan Greenwood

    Joan Greenwood Cast

  9. Photo of Harry Waxman

    Harry Waxman Cinematography

  10. Photo of Wilfred Josephs

    Wilfred Josephs Music

  11. Photo of Wolf Kroeger

    Wolf Kroeger Production Design

  12. Photo of Harry Pottle

    Harry Pottle Production Design

  13. Photo of René Dupont

    René Dupont Producer

  14. Photo of Claude Héroux

    Claude Héroux Producer

  15. Photo of Milton Subotsky

    Milton Subotsky Producer

  16. Photo of Harold Greenberg

    Harold Greenberg Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Robert A. Kanto

    Robert A. Kanto Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Richard R. St. Johns

    Richard R. St. Johns Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Michel Guay

    Michel Guay Editing

  20. Photo of Keith Palmer

    Keith Palmer Editing

  21. Photo of Peter Weatherley

    Peter Weatherley Editing

  22. Photo of Jack T. Knight

    Jack T. Knight Sound

  23. Photo of Gordon K. McCallum

    Gordon K. McCallum Sound