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  1. Fırat Ataç's rating of the film The Unjust

  2. Matt Parks's rating of the film The Unjust

    Has it's uniquely Ryu moments, but overall a good deal less distinctive than "City of Violence" and "Crying First."

  3. HKFanatic's rating of the film The Unjust

    When I sit down to watch a slick, commercial thriller, this is what I want it to be like. "The Unjust" is an im-morality tale of police corruption, political maneuvering, and gangland-style justice with no discernible "hero" to root for. The viewer is thrown into the thick of things within the first 20 minutes and forced to make heads or tails of the plot. Not a movie for people who want to turn off their brain.

  4. Marcus Killerby's rating of the film The Unjust

    Filmed in a very Mission Impossible style, the plot is significantly better... At times a little confusing and the motives and actions of some of the characters make little sense at times, but this movie is very fun and definitely worth a look.

  5. fortytwoshadesofblue's rating of the film The Unjust

    This was screaming "Infernal Affairs" all over the place. It had an intricate story of corruption between goverment, media, lawyers, mafia and cops. But the story had a great flaw, all the characters were corrupt, there was no good guy and no one I could connect with. Meaning all the plot was worthless, cause I didn't care about anyone or what will happen to them. Massive disappointment.

  6. Junghyun Chae's rating of the film The Unjust

    I thought the English title was Bad Deal. The Unjust is way better. :-)

  7. CH!'s rating of the film The Unjust

    Highly slick noir with suggestive and realistic prospect.