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  1. Richmond Hill's rating of the film The Untouchables

    Unevenly realised comic book nonsense with lumpy mise en scene, an erratic score and patchy playing. Strip out the violence and bad language and you could have reasonable family-film hokum; in this form it’s neither fish nor fowl, reverential nod nor cohesive storytelling. That said it has a few derivatively effective sequences but the cartoonish note and awkward tonal switches dispel much sense of style or elan.

  2. Nick Schwab's rating of the film The Untouchables

    A silly Hollywood blockbuster, but here that's not a detriment. The Untouchables is loud, perhaps even dumb, but it's arousing pulp. Punctuating De Palma's artistic-trashiness and set-piece grandeur is a cheerful, if still serious, version of screenwriter Mamet's macho vigor. It gives you so much feel-good testosterone pumping in your system that it practically gives you a wood while putting a smile on your face.

  3. JCPJD's rating of the film The Untouchables

    It's a serviceable old-fashioned film, carried by the charisma of Costner, Connery, Garcia and DeNiro. An unashamedly Good vs Evil story with little complexity or social substance, which is fine if that's what you're after.

  4. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The Untouchables

    Probably one of the most entertaining mafia-action films that I know of. I has tons of excellent stuff and one of the best musical scores that legend Ennio Morricone has ever done. The ensemble is spot-on too. Brian de Palma's steals heavily from better films (sure) but this film is edited so marvelously together and is so cool that I actually start to cry happy tears every time I see it.

  5. Chihao Tsang's rating of the film The Untouchables

    3,5 stars, enjoyable throughout, like Connery in it.

  6. Andre's rating of the film The Untouchables

    Cartoonish hokum done with such panache that is bypasses schlock and enters the realm of myth. The performances are sincere, the style tremendousand the suspense unbearable. Bypasses the head and hits the heart and the gut. The carriage scene is one for the ages.

  7. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film The Untouchables

    Has an art direction and atmosphere that not many gangster films exhibit. Feels like a family film the whole way through, and then sucker punches you in the jaw with some seriously violent moments.

  8. FISCHER's rating of the film The Untouchables

    Pertinent travail d'orfèvre, roublard au possible, qui manie avec dextérité l'humour, la référence et l'acteur, confirmant le cinéaste dans son efficacité cinématographique...

  9. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film The Untouchables

  10. Nachtreich's rating of the film The Untouchables

  11. Renton47's rating of the film The Untouchables

    Somewhere between the grit and the opera lies 'The Untouchables', a self-serious mob pic in any other hands, but with De Palma it's a gloriously over-the-top throwback. The set-pieces elevate the hokey American goodness of its worst tendency to celebrate the glorified gangsters of Ness and co., but Mamet and DP see the hypocrisy; prohibition allowed insidious self-mythologising in both Capone and the "untouchables".

  12. Pedro_Fernandes's rating of the film The Untouchables

    When you fight fire with fire, you're bound to get burned as well

  13. Sol Petchorine's rating of the film The Untouchables

    _ George Stone: Where is Nitti? ... Eliot Ness: He's in the car.

  14. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film The Untouchables

  15. bernardovazdecastro's rating of the film The Untouchables

    Brian de Palma is one of my favorite directors, but when the system get is finger, all the good elements in he's cinema are just merely a caricature. Of course the second police killing is good, with a camera walking around the house (or even before, just across the windows), but Obsession did it too, but with rhythm, all the pieces combine. You don't have rhythm, just gags, like the one when police became cavalry.

  16. Elephants Gerald's rating of the film The Untouchables

    This was fetid from the first second, with the acting chops of that little girl who gets blown up. How did De Palma make something so clunky and cliché? 2 stars because of the Odessa/Union Station shoot-out (big surprise!) But... Kevin Costner, just like... you were AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS ALREADY! Just give the stroller a shove away from the steps! Jesus dude. There's a baby in there.

  17. Ethan's rating of the film The Untouchables

    This is one badass movie and one of those rare instances where DePalma isn't ripping off Hitchcock or some other obscure European filmmaker. Also DeNiro as Al Capone, brilliant.

  18. Bram Vroonland's rating of the film The Untouchables

    No-one seems as apt at consistently combining visual highs with narrative lows. The lush cinematography and mise-en-scene are able to carry this movie a long way but some scenes are such bullshit. The final act was disappointing as well.

  19. Des Horne's rating of the film The Untouchables

    Only because of Morricone

  20. James Mackin's rating of the film The Untouchables

    A big reason why I like this film is Sean Connery's Scottish-accented Irish cop. But yeah, this is a pretty good representation of Chicago in the 20s (Hollywoodified, of course).

  21. Star Lord's rating of the film The Untouchables

    Gli Intoccabili. Non uno dei miei preferiti ma nemmeno un brutto film.

  22. DarthVader's rating of the film The Untouchables

    Potemkin Zırhlısı'nın Odessa merdivenleri sahnesi için bile izlenir. O merdivenlerinden yuvarlanmaya devam ediyor hâlâ çocuk arabası...

  23. Robert Howard's rating of the film The Untouchables

    Everything works here, from Mamet's simple, solid script to De Palma's elegant direction. I love the train station scene, with Andy Garcia saving the day. Coster's change from good-hearted idealist to real world cop provides momentum and a summary to the story. Big time filmmaking for sure when Armani designs the clothes...

  24. Hollywood Overdose's rating of the film The Untouchables

    The whole shebang on this movie only stated that nobody is untouchable, not even big time gangsters. Some scenes are just monstrously absurd clichés yet I have to say Sean Connery wins and I really enjoyed the batter up part as well the first person camera while hunting Malone in his house. Not just thrilling but fear of losing him too. Nonetheless Kevin Costner looked like it was doing some act on Cirque du Soleil.

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