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  1. Photo of Mark Donskoy

    Mark Donskoy Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of M. Demikhovskiy

    M. Demikhovskiy Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Boris Gorbatov

    Boris Gorbatov Screenplay

  4. Photo of Bentsion Monastyrsky

    Bentsion Monastyrsky Cinematography

  5. Photo of Amvrosi Buchma

    Amvrosi Buchma Cast

  6. Photo of Venyamin Zuski

    Venyamin Zuski Cast

  7. Photo of Lidiya Kartashyova

    Lidiya Kartashyova Cast

  8. Photo of Daniil Sagal

    Daniil Sagal Cast

  9. Photo of Yevgeni Ponomarenko

    Yevgeni Ponomarenko Cast

  10. Photo of Vera Slavina

    Vera Slavina Cast

  11. Photo of Mariya Samosvat

    Mariya Samosvat Cast

  12. Photo of Nikolay Zimovets

    Nikolay Zimovets Cast

  13. Photo of N. Gorbenko

    N. Gorbenko Editing

  14. Photo of I. Karpenko

    I. Karpenko Editing

  15. Photo of Morits Umansky

    Morits Umansky Production Design

  16. Photo of Lev Shvarts

    Lev Shvarts Music

  17. Photo of A. Babiy

    A. Babiy Sound