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  1. Photo of Chris Grismer

    Chris Grismer Director

  2. Photo of Joshua Butler

    Joshua Butler Director

  3. Photo of Michael A. Allowitz

    Michael A. Allowitz Director

  4. Photo of Marcos Siega

    Marcos Siega Director

  5. Photo of Kellie Cyrus

    Kellie Cyrus Director

  6. Photo of Pascal Verschooris

    Pascal Verschooris Director

  7. Photo of Julie Plec

    Julie Plec Screenplay

  8. Photo of Kevin Williamson

    Kevin Williamson Screenplay

  9. Photo of L.J. Smith

    L.J. Smith Screenplay

  10. Photo of Neil Reynolds

    Neil Reynolds Screenplay

  11. Photo of Caroline Dries

    Caroline Dries Screenplay

  12. Photo of Charlie Charbonneau

    Charlie Charbonneau Screenplay

  13. Photo of Paul Wesley

    Paul Wesley Cast

  14. Photo of Ian Somerhalder

    Ian Somerhalder Cast

  15. Photo of Nina Dobrev

    Nina Dobrev Cast

  16. Photo of Kat Graham

    Kat Graham Cast

  17. Photo of Candice King

    Candice King Cast

  18. Photo of Zach Roerig

    Zach Roerig Cast

  19. Photo of Steven R. McQueen

    Steven R. McQueen Cast

  20. Photo of Matthew Davis

    Matthew Davis Cast

  21. Photo of Michael Malarkey

    Michael Malarkey Cast

  22. Photo of Joseph Morgan

    Joseph Morgan Cast

  23. Photo of Marguerite MacIntyre

    Marguerite MacIntyre Cast

  24. Photo of Claire Holt

    Claire Holt Cast

  25. Photo of Susan Walters

    Susan Walters Cast

  26. Photo of Daniel Gillies

    Daniel Gillies Cast