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  1. Andrea Greco's rating of the film The Vanishing

    ★★ See it, it can be fun

  2. Gallus's rating of the film The Vanishing

    3.5 - A disturbing story told with restraint and maturity, as well as making you piece all the pieces together and not doing shock value on the screen, The Vanishing is a scarring, mute, quiet exploration on a psychopath's deeds mixed with slight gallows humor here and there. The tragedy is never swept away though, and the ending with the golden egg symbolism is simple and yet genius.

  3. Duncan Gray's rating of the film The Vanishing

    Why is cinema so full of vanishing women? Because they're invariably more interesting than the men looking for them, so the absence is felt. Indeed, the hero is too boring to sell the necessary obsession. The villain is a rather mild presence too, so a lot is inert. But the way it dances around the narrative hole at the center is so unexpected that I can almost take it as a parodic game. Satisfyingly unsatisfying.

  4. Marco Tassinari's rating of the film The Vanishing

  5. x_michael_x's rating of the film The Vanishing

    A rather engrossing build in tension carries this movie for the most part, but in general I found it easier to predict and surprisingly not so traumatic as other reviews suggest. Nevertheless, a great exercise in left-field tension with an unusual structure.

  6. Andre's rating of the film The Vanishing

    It's amazing the way this movie sneaks up on you. I was never really jolted during watching, yet when I tried to stand up afterwards, my legs stood like jelly. Is it watching Lemorne, and realizing he seems so normal that if I met him, I would pick nothing up? Is it how ordinary the station looks? Is it because I'd have Rex's obsession with finding out the truth? Whatever it was, it worked. This movie will chill you

  7. Santiago Delgado's rating of the film The Vanishing

    In Spanish we have a saying which states "the curiosity killed the cat" and it is so nice the way it portraits how curiosity or obsession? start leading his life to the point that he is being controlled. The end is pretty outside the box and I guess this (or the book) was an influence to Prisoners. Moreover, Spoorloos feels so reliable like it has indeed happened although remains extremly unusual.

  8. Poena Damni's rating of the film The Vanishing

  9. garry.christian's rating of the film The Vanishing


  10. Tommy Fantini's rating of the film The Vanishing

    A yellow, you don't know who the killer is! a horror? It's a film full of twists that create a destiny! It is a refined film that hits you, scares you for the mental perversion of the protagonist.

  11. lesminho's rating of the film The Vanishing

  12. Autun Purser's rating of the film The Vanishing

    The lack of visual excitement, car chases and charisma allow Sluizer to present on screen how evil can be carried out by the dull and characterless with great mental ease...

  13. ejonline's rating of the film The Vanishing

    I don't get the love for this. I couldn't understand the psychology driving the lead, particularly when the ending seemed to be so clearly pre-ordained. I presume that this was meant to be an existential statement about the human condition and how mourning can sour into selfishness and egocentrism, but that seems really abstracted from most people's experiences of loss. I didn't buy it - too schematic and cold.

  14. Alex Flores's rating of the film The Vanishing

    And this is how you do mystery in film.

  15. Luiz Souza's rating of the film The Vanishing

    expected much more due to all positive reviews here... the ending was underwhelming because the characters lacked passion. It wasn't believable for me.

  16. 天国's rating of the film The Vanishing

    one my favorites. the charm of saskia's character and her chemistry with our lead make a super compelling overture. not that the rest isn't compelling, the plot seized me all the way through. what i love most about this movie is how it's set up, we know from the get-go who did it, but we're left in darkness in the last scenes, very little explained. a brilliantly executed thriller. remake was unnecesary

  17. Polónio's rating of the film The Vanishing

    Its horror is delivered as if it were a delayed-release pill. It might strike you only at the last second, as it did with me. But when it does, there's no escape. Fear takes over.

  18. Traum Baum's rating of the film The Vanishing

    Not as much about the banality of evil as it is about the eternal chicken-and-egg dilemma of free will vs determinism.

  19. HenriqueA's rating of the film The Vanishing

    Though I still remembered the basic plot of the remake (that I watched as a child) the original still felt like multiple knife stabs at the heart. Though some of the motivation is ridiculous enough, Donnadieu and Bervoets totally fucking sell these two obsessed men perfectly.

  20. Psycoteraphy's rating of the film The Vanishing

  21. ginobartolomi's rating of the film The Vanishing

    idk, I wanted so badly to take it seriously overtime I watched it...I love the idea of a man killing for the thrill of it, to see if he could get away with it, to see what it would feel like. there's just no passion involved. without any passion in something as gruesome as this story, there's no believability.

  22. FISCHER's rating of the film The Vanishing

    Un conséquent succès public et médiatique, mais aussi et d'abord littéraire, qui incita - à tort - le metteur en scène batave (d'origine française), George Sluizer, d'en faire un remake aux States en 1993, pour une oeuvre somme toute prenante à souhait, avec un BP Donnadieu toujours excellent dans son étonnante interprétation, froide et lucide, d'un hallucinant psychopathe pervers et démoniaque.

  23. Trevor L. Charles's rating of the film The Vanishing

    It's a little too interested in torchuring the audience.

  24. Josh the Bookseller's rating of the film The Vanishing

    Would that I could've seen this before "calculated sociopath daylighting as banal schlub" weren't the focal point of of our trash culture. Because buddy, I'm sick to death of those stories. Even so, this movie fucking rules--Sluizer poured over the ornamental details, the editing, etc, and the tension & ambiguity are on point.

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