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  1. Photo of Jeremy Summers

    Jeremy Summers Director

  2. Photo of Sax Rohmer

    Sax Rohmer Story

  3. Photo of Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee Cast

  4. Photo of Douglas Wilmer

    Douglas Wilmer Cast

  5. Photo of Chin Tsai

    Chin Tsai Cast

  6. Photo of Horst Frank

    Horst Frank Cast

  7. Photo of Wolfgang Kieling

    Wolfgang Kieling Cast

  8. Photo of Maria Rohm

    Maria Rohm Cast

  9. Photo of Howard Marion-Crawford

    Howard Marion-Crawford Cast

  10. Photo of Peter Carsten

    Peter Carsten Cast

  11. Photo of Suzanne Roquette

    Suzanne Roquette Cast

  12. Photo of Noel Trevarthen

    Noel Trevarthen Cast

  13. Photo of Tony Ferrer

    Tony Ferrer Cast

  14. Photo of Mona Chong

    Mona Chong Cast

  15. Photo of Eddie Byrne

    Eddie Byrne Cast

  16. Photo of Samantha Jones

    Samantha Jones Cast

  17. Photo of Burt Kwouk

    Burt Kwouk Cast

  18. Photo of John Von Kotze

    John Von Kotze Cinematography

  19. Photo of Malcolm Lockyer

    Malcolm Lockyer Music

  20. Photo of Peggy Gick

    Peggy Gick Production Design

  21. Photo of Scott MacGregor

    Scott MacGregor Production Design

  22. Photo of Harry Alan Towers

    Harry Alan Towers Producer and Screenplay

  23. Photo of Allan Morrison

    Allan Morrison Editing

  24. Photo of Brian Marshall

    Brian Marshall Sound