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  1. Photo of George Schnéevoigt

    George Schnéevoigt Director

  2. Photo of Steen Steensen Blicher

    Steen Steensen Blicher Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fleming Lynge

    Fleming Lynge Screenplay

  4. Photo of Eric A. Pettersson

    Eric A. Pettersson Producer

  5. Photo of Valdemar Christensen

    Valdemar Christensen Editing and Cinematography

  6. Photo of C.H. Clemmensen

    C.H. Clemmensen Editing

  7. Photo of Christian Hansen

    Christian Hansen Production Design

  8. Photo of L. Mathiesen

    L. Mathiesen Production Design

  9. Photo of Henning O. Petersen

    Henning O. Petersen Sound

  10. Photo of Henrik Malberg

    Henrik Malberg Cast

  11. Photo of Karin Nellemose

    Karin Nellemose Cast

  12. Photo of Eyvind Johan-Svendsen

    Eyvind Johan-Svendsen Cast

  13. Photo of Mathilde Nielsen

    Mathilde Nielsen Cast

  14. Photo of Gerhard Jessen

    Gerhard Jessen Cast

  15. Photo of Kai Holm

    Kai Holm Cast

  16. Photo of Aage Winther-Jørgensen

    Aage Winther-Jørgensen Cast

  17. Photo of Holger-Madsen

    Holger-Madsen Cast

  18. Photo of Gudrun Nissen

    Gudrun Nissen Cast

  19. Photo of Bent Froda

    Bent Froda Cast and Music