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  1. Photo of Herbert Wise

    Herbert Wise Director

  2. Photo of Stuart Latham

    Stuart Latham Director

  3. Photo of Graeme McDonald

    Graeme McDonald Director

  4. Photo of Richard Everitt

    Richard Everitt Director

  5. Photo of Cliff Owen

    Cliff Owen Director

  6. Photo of Gerald Savory

    Gerald Savory Screenplay

  7. Photo of Douglas Jerrold

    Douglas Jerrold Play

  8. Photo of Dion Boucicault

    Dion Boucicault Play

  9. Photo of T.W. Robertson

    T.W. Robertson Play

  10. Photo of James Albery

    James Albery Play

  11. Photo of Tom Taylor

    Tom Taylor Play

  12. Photo of Henry Arthur Jones

    Henry Arthur Jones Play

  13. Photo of Henry Herman

    Henry Herman Play

  14. Photo of Arthur Wing Pinero

    Arthur Wing Pinero Play

  15. Photo of Geoffrey Bayldon

    Geoffrey Bayldon Cast

  16. Photo of Patricia Garwood

    Patricia Garwood Cast

  17. Photo of Charles Kay

    Charles Kay Cast

  18. Photo of John Wood

    John Wood Cast

  19. Photo of Barrie Ingham

    Barrie Ingham Cast

  20. Photo of Michael Barrington

    Michael Barrington Cast

  21. Photo of Ingrid Hafner

    Ingrid Hafner Cast

  22. Photo of Philip Mackie

    Philip Mackie Producer