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  1. Photo of José Mojica Marins

    José Mojica Marins Director

  2. Photo of M. Augusto de Cervantes

    M. Augusto de Cervantes Producer

  3. Photo of Georgina Duarte

    Georgina Duarte Producer and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Eliseu Fernandes

    Eliseu Fernandes Cinematography

  5. Photo of Roberto Leme

    Roberto Leme Editing

  6. Photo of Nilcemar Leyart

    Nilcemar Leyart Editing

  7. Photo of José Moura

    José Moura Sound

  8. Photo of Aurélio Tomassini

    Aurélio Tomassini Cast

  9. Photo of Esperanza Villanueva

    Esperanza Villanueva Cast

  10. Photo of Lisa Negri

    Lisa Negri Cast

  11. Photo of Gracinda Fernandes

    Gracinda Fernandes Cast

  12. Photo of Délia Colla

    Délia Colla Cast

  13. Photo of Vosmarline Siqueira

    Vosmarline Siqueira Cast

  14. Photo of Walter Portela

    Walter Portela Cast

  15. Photo of Alex Delamote

    Alex Delamote Cast

  16. Photo of Nadir Fernandes

    Nadir Fernandes Cast