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  1. Photo of Antonio Margheriti

    Antonio Margheriti Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ernesto Gastaldi

    Ernesto Gastaldi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Edmond T. Gréville

    Edmond T. Gréville Screenplay

  4. Photo of Rossana Podestà

    Rossana Podestà Cast

  5. Photo of Georges Rivière

    Georges Rivière Cast

  6. Photo of Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee Cast

  7. Photo of Jim Dolen

    Jim Dolen Cast

  8. Photo of Anny Degli Uberti

    Anny Degli Uberti Cast

  9. Photo of Luigi Severini

    Luigi Severini Cast

  10. Photo of Luciana Milone

    Luciana Milone Cast

  11. Photo of Lucile Saint-Simon

    Lucile Saint-Simon Cast

  12. Photo of Patrick Walton

    Patrick Walton Cast

  13. Photo of Consalvo Dell'Arti

    Consalvo Dell'Arti Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Hardy

    Peter Hardy Cast

  15. Photo of Rex Vidor

    Rex Vidor Cast

  16. Photo of James Borden

    James Borden Cast

  17. Photo of Bredon Brett

    Bredon Brett Cast

  18. Photo of Robert Mayor

    Robert Mayor Cast

  19. Photo of Carole Windsor

    Carole Windsor Cast

  20. Photo of Riccardo Pallottini

    Riccardo Pallottini Cinematography

  21. Photo of Riz Ortolani

    Riz Ortolani Music

  22. Photo of Marco Vicario

    Marco Vicario Producer

  23. Photo of Otello Colangeli

    Otello Colangeli Editing